omnidirectional sound

I listen to music non stop, at my house. My system is set up in the living room, but the house is fairly open, with minimum walls. When I walk to the kitchen or around the house, the sound/volume/quality changes drastically. What speakers would you be able to play music in an omnidirectional pattern, if such a thing exist? Just thinking...Hope this make sense!
OHM Walsh speakers

Duevel speakers

some MBL models

GR Research and AV123 had an omni model

there are a number of others
.... Hope this make sense!

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One possibility, and the one I think might be what you're ultimately looking for, is a multi-room installation, for which I'd recommend using a dealer. That way you could have music in each room and control the volume for each room as well. You may not have high-end sound in each room, though you might be able to use high quality electronics and speakers, depending on the installation.

If you want omnidirectional speakers in your living room, Ohm and, if you have a bigger wallet, mbl speakers are excellent choices, but you'll also need powerful amps for the mbls. AudioKinesis speakers might also a good possibility. Shahinian speakers are also omnis, but they are more geared to classical music, and if your name is reflective of the music you primarily listen to they might not work for you. I don't know if these omnis will work for what you want, though, as they still are designed to play in one room, and their volume will change from room to room.
My old acoustat 2+2 speakers sounded just as good from behind, if you have the room for these. Otherwise, check Pittsburgh Craigslist. There are a pair 1978 JVC sound in the round speakers that sound the same from any position...
I have music in my house all the time as well. I have speakers in every room, around the pool, and on the patio. My Denon AVR X3100 does all the lifting. All the control is from an app on my cell phone. Couldn't be easier and more satisfying.
multicell horns are designed for this consider Altecs
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Just went on the OHM web site ,and was very interested. Is anyone familiar with Ohm speakers ? any thoughts?
Thank you.
Get in touch with Mapman and Bondmanamp, they are owners. Really nice speakers; I almost got a pair years ago when they were sold at Tech HiFi.
Just had a long listen to two HHR Exotic Walsh models at Axpona. There was also a vintage Ohm speaker at the show. Dale Harder's HHR was among the best rooms at the show.

Tell more about the hhr exotic sound.

Martykl is another ohm affection in these parts.

I have a lot posted around here on the subject. Contact me via agon and am always glad to discuss.

I have 3 pair of ohm speakers plus a pair of dynaudio and triangle currently. Been an ohm owner for 37 years running now.
I only heard the $15k 187 lb. TLS-1. It is the purist version, with a single 3" voice coil and 12" hybrid titanium/aluminum/paper cone. The entry-level $6.5k TLS-5 with 8" driver is a two-way.

At this show I commuted frequently between the MBL 111 & 116 rooms, and tried to put the HHR in perspective with these and also with the German Physics from prior shows.

HHR does all the good things with omni of GP, but with more precise imaging and resolving power. In this respect they about equal the MBLs, while lacking the signature MBL dynamics and LF grip. But the HHR's combination of lifelike refinement and utterly seamless coherence is unprecedented. This one had it all over the Quads at the show--just to pick on the only other single-driver full ranger I could find here.
Add some Dynaudio Xeo wireless speakers to your system.
How do we start a more in depth conversation on Ohm speakers?
Ask away I guess either here on this thread or send me an email via agon.
The Ohms are excellent speakers IMO, and they're substantially omnidirectional, so they'd be a good choice if you want one set of speakers to "fill the house". MBL, HHR, Duevel, and Mirage are well known alternatives, but your budget and your required volume levels may be important factors here.

The MBLs are capable of much higher SPLs than most speakers, so they'd be an excellent choice for listening from a distance. OTOH, they're (IMHO) less neutral (particularly through the bottom end) and vastly more expensive than the Ohms. I haven't heard the HHRs, but in conversation with Dale, he has indicated that the speakers have somewhat limited maximum output levels. They're also pretty expensive vis a vis Ohms. If you're looking to keep the expenditure under five figures, the HHR and MBL options are probably moot anyway.

Duevel is another expensive omnidirectional option, but they have one model (Planet) that's less pricey. I haven't heard that speaker and distribution was severely limited, last I looked. If you can figure out how to hear them, it might be worth the effort.

At lower price points, that leaves Ohm and Mirage as the main omnidirectional speaker options that are (AFAIK) widely available. I can't speak to Mirage (haven't heard 'em in years), but you may want to investigate this brand, too. As to the Ohms, they're sold direct with an in-home, money back trial period, so you can give it a shot if you're willing to deal with the potential hassle of returning them if you're not happy with the sound.

You could also go the Sonos/Blue-Sound route and add multiple zones to your home. You could probably link your system and add a couple of zones for about $1500 - more or less an Ohm price point. This approach represents a different set of trade-offs, but it's one more way to skin your particular cat.

Good luck.

I have also been an Ohm owner and could recommend them as well as a couple others. I also own Larsen Model 4's and Shahinian Obelisk 2's. While these are omni-types, they all do things a bit different. Definately, they all have a very open and spacious sound stage.

I would also say that Shahinian seems to get a big nod to classical music, I think this is because Richard Shahinian is a huge classical fan, but I have found them to work extremely well with all types of music, pop, rock, jazz, it all sounds good on them. Likewise the Ohm and Larsen do not seem to be "music specific", and I am not so sure any speaker really is to a large degree.

All three of the above have slightly different placement considerations, the Ohms can be used say around a foot from the wall behind them, the Larsens are to be positioned hard against the wall and Shahinians tend to like as much space around them as you can give them.

Don't know what your budget and system includes now, but maybe some of these options would work.
The OHM Walshes are a solid choice if you need options to go as loud as needed, like a neutral sound that lends itself well to all kinds of music and are looking for good quality coherent sound from most any location in the room. They have a much larger than average "sweet spot".

OHM does run sales on occasion, usually in May/June before closing for a couple weeks of summer vacation in July. The outlet section of the web site lists special models available at that time, usually latest and greatest drivers in refurbed older cabinets that cost less than all new cabinets.

OHM also offers up to 40% discount for trading in up to two pair of older models with cabinets that can be refurbed, last I heard. One might pick up older OHMs on ebay for very little and trade them in for a profit towards newer speakers. Between trade-ins and specials, the discounts possible are substantial. Plus they are usually pretty good about helping to find the best model/solution in each case.
John Strohbeen (OHM Owner, designer, and accomplished MIT educated EE) has been doing weekly, now biweekly, blog posts on the OHM site here

News And Views blog posts

for about a year now.

JS is a very no nonsense, nuts and bolts guy who also happens to be a very accomplished EE, a lover of music, and even a musician to some extent I believe.

I find many of these very informative not just about OHM speakers but music, home audio, and the science and technology behind it in general.

If one just wants to get at the practical nuts and bolts technical issues that really matter most in the quest for good sound, and cut through the BS, his blogs might be the best single place to get that. His products happen to be a natural reflection of that. IMHO of course.

I'd love to get some discussion going on a thread here somewhere about some of these blog posts.

Check out the one on "Tubes or Transistors" for example.

Atmasphere, are you out there?
Mapman also I think Almarg would be good for technical input to go along with Ralph from atmasphere.
Do a search, there's lots of good posts on this subject in the archives here on Audiogon.
They also pop up used every now and then, and the prices can be good. I just picked up my 3rd set of Ohm's, from a haedphone site, no less!
Parasound and I are now tied for the Adiogon lead with three pair each I think. I have each pair in a different room. i also run Dynaudio and Triangle speakers in yet other rooms.