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Linda Perry - After Hours
Elizabeth- CRAZY prices for this disc ... from what I gather it was not a commercial release but done and funded by Linda herself so quite rare.   
Nativ Sound Vita
del922 sent you a PM ... might be interested in your setup ... looking for something to burn my CD collection and stream Internet radio ... would use my own DAC 
DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 issue
But an inexpensive vaporizer, remove your shoes, touch something metal before you get close to the unit, etc ... if truly a static electric issue one of those should help diagnose...  
CORNER placement subwoofer(s)
Specifically looking for subs designed for corner placement to keep the floor space I have ... adding the Soffits and a sub would not pass muster with my better half.  I will look at the sub models mentioned too.Anyone have experience with REL hab... 
Guizu furniture (Nobility furniture) from China
Quest for Sound imports a decent amount of Chinese electronics but no furniture ... Too bad because they are only about 2hr from me!  Maybe I should send them an email ... Never know they might be interested in becoming an importer 
Guizu furniture (Nobility furniture) from China
Really great looking furniture that I have also lusted after ... There are/were some USA craftsmen who make beautiful racks (Core, Box Furniture, HHG to name a few) ... Unfortunately well out of my price range.  I seem to recall that the Guizu rac... 
Internet radio "only"
The Nativ Vita certainly LOOKS the part (I even had a thread on this unit) ... IF i were to go this route I would want to use the Vita to store my music on its HD.  Apparently you can only rip CDs to the Vita using its companion piece the name of ... 
Internet radio "only"
Neither an Alexa not Node have a screen though correct??  I would need to use my cell or similar to search and see what's playing?? 
Please , Thank you.Help in choosing a CD or a CD/Universal player
The Linn's are cheap on the used market ... SC around $500 or less ... I still have players from the 90's that have never had transport issues.  No idea if Linn still produces or stocks replacement parts for their older units if you would have iss... 
Nativ Sound Vita
Jstbuch ... I agree on cost ... If I could find one in the $750 range I may give it a whirl ... Is it true you can only use the Nativ ripper to burn CDs to the HD or has there been any update to allow use of any USB drive?? 
Nativ Sound Vita
Wow, that is not good ... Any idea if this problem exists with a large % of their production units??  So Nativs response has been there is nothing physically wrong with the hardware that all your issues are software related??? 
Nativ Sound Vita
nickolaspappas ... let me know if/when you decide to sell .. might be interested in the price is right.  I constantly get offers from Nativ with coupons to save $500 or more (one came today offering a free CD ripper with purchase)  thx! 
Nativ Sound Vita
Jond ... very little info on the Net except product info and release announcements.  Hard to believe none of the print or online audiophile sites have grabbed one for review.  The design is simple and beautiful and it SOUNDS (again in press releas... 
Most Beautiful Receiver / Integrated - Ever was... ?
in newer gear:Pathos Acoustics ... integrateds from the little Remix on up ... Magnum Dynalab ... receivers and integrateds  
Sony C333ES not working ... worth fixing/selling or recycle it??
Not sure about the laser assembly availability but that DID work fine.  Some of the modifiers of these pieces MAY still have a stock of those parts. I assume it is just the drawer mechanism that somehow failed on this one but no way to tell for su...