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floor speakers upgrade
On the USED market if you stick to well known brands and buy at good prices the "try them at home issue" becomes a moot point ... if you do not like what you buy, recycle (resell) and try something else! That is the beauty of AudiogoN, eBay, etc. 
Best $500 amp to drive Paradigm Studio 100 V2s?
IF you can find a pair, the Red Dragon M500's should be close to that price used and would be an excellent choice in a modern, class D ampI also agree with the passive suggestion ... there are some great ones available on the used market from time... 
The great Phil Woods has passed.
He lived and played often in my area (Stroudsburg PA just outside Delaware Water Gap, home of the Deerhead Inn) ... he also was one of the founders of the Celebration of the Arts (COTA) Jazz Fest in the Poconos. He will be missed. 
help me choosing first HiFi
First thing I would change would be to buy USED and save a ton of $$$ ... $2000 USED goes much farther than in new gear 
NHT 3.3 vs Mirage M3si
I can say kids will NOT be able to topple the NHTs ... they are heavy speakers 
Best Option In A Silver CD/SACD Player $1k Or Less
Linn Unidisk SC is available in silver and plays (nearly??) everything ... look for one with HDMI output if you plan to use it for video too 
NHT 3.3 vs Mirage M3si
I have heard and liked both ... in my friends room the Mirages needed to be placed FAR out into the room to sound good. The NHT's are designed to go against the wall but then stick out nearly 3ft into the room.If you have cats, get the NHTs:) 
Silicon Under 60, Slim Pickings?
well it seems people that HAVE the Gaincard or clones are currently hanging onto them so probably a good sign! Also when they do pop up they sell fast and for relatively high (over 50% of retail) prices class D amps seem to change the tech pretty ... 
Silicon Under 60, Slim Pickings?
the First Watt amps are pretty plentiful and all are low power SS designsthe 47 Labs GainCard (and the clones) are much less plentiful than in years past but another good optionAlso the AudioSector amps (again hard to find used)Some of my favorite... 
Bose 901's with "highend ancillaries"??
Thanks for the responses! I always felt they could not be as bad as many say - hype only goes so far and they are not inexpensive. In fact you could buy a pair of "highend" approved speakers like the Vandersteen 2C for what these cost new and not ... 
What's the solid state amp to buy $2500?
also not sure what you are looking to improve upon from the Joule amps BUT I would think a used set of Herron monos would be in that price range 
iPhone speaker - room setup apps
is the quality of the mic built-in the iPhone good enough for this type of thing?? 
tough to "have it all" ... switching amps to something sensuous may lead to a reduction on another area you love. a different DAC may get you closer overall than an amp change 
Need Help Picking Out Bookshelf Speakers
wall mounts I own find to be excellent:Krell Resolution 4ACI Sapphiremy favorite sealed monitor is the Aerial 5I have all 3 at home ... if you are near NE PA you could come by and listen or possibly I could bring them to you to hear in your room 
vintage cd player
maybe I read this wrong but I thought the original poster was interested in a more "vintage sound" not just aesthetics ... the Oppos are very nice but certainly not vintage sounding pieces of gear.