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vintage cd player
to clarify you would use the 707 as a TRANSPORT??IF the Sony is to be used as a transport the Cal Audio Alpha is a nice vintage DACdo you OWN a large collection of SACDs??IF you do not already own a collection of SACDs you most likely will not be ... 
Best Rock Album of 2015
while I guess I could Google it, does anyone know how DeathCab4Cutie go their name?? it is an odd one! 
Recommendations to a small room setup
true on the calculation of the sq footage but in any event 200sq feet is not small by my standards anyway :)now if it were 200cu ft THAT would be small 
Recommendations to a small room setup
Is a 10 x 20 room REALLY that small??? Unless you must listen "nearfield" I would try to find a more full-range type of speaker. There are some very good models on the used market for not that much cash 
Best Rock Album of 2015
Great thread! Keep the recommendations coming!! 
Son needs a 2 channel amp cheap
I really like the older Yamaha CR #20 series receivers ... I think they all included phonogood luck!!Jeff 
Why does my tube amp
not all amps are created equal ... I had a pair of Gemme Audio Tantos hooked to a 30w tube amp (cannot recall the brand/model at the moment). Sounded excellent but wondered about the V-Flex BASS I had read so much about in reference to the Gemme s... 
Is Vinyl Worth It
I just was given by my cousin a near mint Yamaha PX3 Linear Tracking table ... first TT I have had since the early 90s ... now I need a phono stage and some LPs! After I get it all set-up I may have an opinion :) 
what speaker new or used for 5k?
Recently there were 2 pair of speakers I always wanted listed on AudiogoN for under $4k:Revel Studio'sUnity Audio PARM'sBoth listed for $15k or more new I believe ... NO idea how a systems like this would mesh with your current gear though but I d... 
omnidirectional sound
OHM Walsh speakersDuevel speakerssome MBL modelsGR Research and AV123 had an omni modelthere are a number of others 
Recommendation for a 12 year old
not sure about a 12yr old and a "manual" turntable ... last time I saw a 12yr old who was very careful with anything was, was, hmmmm ... not sure I have ever seen a careful 12yr old! And then you have the "friend factor" ... those obnoxious little... 
Best sounding ,best value Vacuum tube integrated
Not sure they are made any more and I have not seen one on the used market in a LONG time but one of the best low cost tube integrateds I ever heard/owned was a Tokyo Sound Valve 300se (or it may have been se300). Build quality was very good and i... 
Used Floor Standers for around $1k
That is a BIG room ... personally I would look at something like a Klipsch Cornwall. They are dynamic enough to fill a room that size with sound and should not need a sub with proper/careful placement. Not sure how they would sound with a digital ... 
Rec a 300B for Wavelength Cardinal Monoblocks
best bet would be to contact Gordon Rankin of Wavelength direct ... I BELIEVE there was a version designed specifically for the WE 300B but my memory could be faulty. In any event Gordon most likely tried them with a number of 300B tubes during th... 
New source.
you would give up SACD if you replace the Sony ENTIRELY with an ARC player ... maybe use a current SOTA outboard DAC with the Sony as transport and also the Sony direct to your preamp for SACD??you could also consider having the Sony "modded" but ...