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Bulk TV purchase for PA Nursing Home
Thanks for all the responses ... I will try the manufacturers and BH Photo and see how it goes! 
Bulk TV purchase for PA Nursing Home
MOST of the current crop of LED TVs seem to have decent pics, even "off brands" like Element, Sceptre, etc can be set-up with very good picture quality ... sound quality seems more varied with these lower priced brands.  Also not sure of the relia... 
Bulk TV purchase for PA Nursing Home
Customer service seems a "thing of the past" ... we have a couple small appliance dealers locally who advertise TV sales but when I contacted them they told me they buy their TVs from the Internet or eBay to sell!  Obviously they were no help eith... 
Ideal Cheap Low-Watt Amp for Martin Logan Quest
get a second set of efficient speakers and a Flea Watt integrated (just a power amp with passive volume control):) 
Calling all SET fans
Never heard these speakers but the Birch Acoustics Sparrow on AudiogoN MIGHT fit the bill ... 4" full range driver in a a laminated birch cabinet. Very attractive build (IMHO) and a nice price ($380). Claimed 87db efficiency but no crossover so sh... 
Rock with strings
female artist named Jordane I believe ... been some time since I heard her work though 
Suggestions for integrated amps for B&W CM10
you say "at times" it is too bright ... maybe source and/or the media is the issue?? a bright recording SHOULD sound bright on a resolving system 
looking for truly transparent affordable amp s
the First Watt amps are VERY transparent but may not have enough power ... hard to say for sure without actually trying. sometimes WEIRD combos that look terrible on "paper" actually work quite well in practiceif you are avoiding preamps altogethe... 
Tube integrated with real bass. Does it exist?
I will add that some 845 tube based amps will also give excellent with less efficient speakers - the Viva Solista and Mastersound Compact 845 are the only two I have used at home.I think the key to Air Tight amplifiers great bass lies in their cho... 
Your experience as Yamamoto owner?
I do not think the owner/designer of Yamamoto Japan speaks or writes much English ... that said the company SHOULD forward messages to a distributor or have someone at the main office who does speak English.I had owned an A08s for a period but it ... 
Tube integrated with real bass. Does it exist?
vote 2 for Air Tight products ... I have the "Acoustic Masterpiece" M101. Only 8w but great bass even compared with my 200w/ch Lyngdorf SS integrated into 89db 2way floorstanders 
compact tube amp and in wall speaker
honestly if I did not already have a tube amp/preamp combo I would JUMP on the Swissnor amp on AudiogoN ... $900 for a $6000 retail Swiss made integrated tube amp. speakers, I would look to wall mount rather than in wall just for the placement fle... 
Recs for solid state integrated, $2-3,000 range
1. YBA Passion2. Jeff Rowland Concentra I or IIOlder but both (or all three if you count the JR's as separate units) will hold there own in today's marketHighly sought after and rarely available, they are worth consideration if you can find them! 
Starting from scratch ..need advice from you
the two sets of front speakers would be WEIRD ... SOUNDS like you are trying for a theater type set-up.vintage tube amps with some Klipschorns or big Altec's would be my choiceI would probably stay 2 channel BUT you could probably use Klipsch Heri... 
Shopping for speakers at $1500-$2000 is a chore.
try shopping in that price range for a USED CAR ... will make speaker shopping seem like a cool breeze on a warm summer day