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Amps under $5k that are resolving at low volumes?
Best set-up I ever owned for low volume listening was a Pathos Twin Towers into Vienna Acoustics Mozart's ... a close second was a Cary 300SEI into ProAc 1SC's 
Has anyone noticed...
don't forgot the lovely Duevel speakers on "House"!! 
Looking for a small, good receiver
Denon DRA-CX3 is a newer unit but small ... retailed for @ $1200 but can be found used for $600 or lessWell reviewed, built like a tank and looks great! 
My Rethm Maarga Speaker Purchase
had the same experience with excellent customer service from Jacob George MANY years ago when I purchased a prototype of the 2nd Rethm speaker ... Jacob was as courteous and responsive as a close friend would be. He even offered to stop by my home... 
Advice from apartment dwellers
best "bedroom" systems I had were:Pathos Twin Towers mated with Vienna Acoustics MozartsCary 300sei mated with ProAc 1scSource in both systems was a Naim CD3. Either set-up would be excellent in an apartment setting where you do not want to "shake... 
Is $3000 pushing the limits for a geat monitor??
be careful with monitors (or floorstanders that lack stability) if you have cats ... I speak from experience :( 
compact cd transport
The Project I have only seen in ads and it looks well builtWoo Audio has a small chassis top loader that LOOKS beautiful ... it is a transport/DAC comboan older CAL Delta Sigma or Alpha combo might workThere is always the option of a Mac Mini but ... 
How does one do WTB?
have often wondered the same ... USED to be easy but things have changed since I last posted one 
not sure it is POSSIBLE to have the "same sonic signature" in speakers as headphones as they present sound in a totally different manner. also in a bedroom I ASSume there will be some compromises to be made in WHERE speakers can be positioned.that... 
BANG for the BUCK
Based on the current used prices:Forte 4A power ampAudible Illusions M3 preampSamadhi Acoustics Ichiban speakersNaim CD3 disc player 
Best CD transport?
I would look for a "transport only" ... going to assume there IS a budgetary requirement. Try a CAL Delta ... reliable, inexpensive and parts are still available I believe. Also had very low measured jitter 
solid state integrateds that will hold their value
sorry I thought it was obvious I was referring to USED gear purchases that hold their value well ... obviously ANYTHING new is going to drop like a stone at least initially. The Rowland and YBA pieces I mentioned are relatively old but both seem t... 
No audio playing SACD"s
if you are using a dcs transport designed for SACD and the Puccini can decode SACD then there is most likely a problem in the chainif you are using an SACD player and the digital output from it to the Puccini then the other messages are correct 
Greenville SC / Hendersonville-Asheville NC areas
try futilitarian@aol.com ... Toddhe lives in Asheville and is "in and out" of audio ... not sure if he is currently "in" or not! 
What's the greatest bargain in SET these days?
IMHO greatest bargain in USED SET amps was the Cary 300SEI but its popularity seems to have increased over the years. At one time these could be picked up used for $1500 to $1700 ... now you are lucky to get one for $2200GREAT amp with the ProAc 1...