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Schiit - shipments stopped?
the supply chain in all categories has seen some serious upheaval. Audio electronic equipment included.all audio manufacturers are having issues with parts procurements and labor due to , guess what? Covid.Especially in California.So have a scotch... 
35 year old drivers need replaced?
Thank you for all answers. 
Thank you for all the answers.I will start learning about/looking for  a streamer/dac combination. 
NAD C338 or Marantz PM6006 or Cambridge CXA60. Please Help
If you are willing to spend a 899 dollars, you should consider the Yamaha integrated A-S801.I bought last year, and I really like it.Plenty of power and connections.And I eliminated one connection ! Got great reviews on TAS, 6moons audio reviews.J... 
Portable DAC and Iphone
portlandlaysimply put, here are some notes:-I DID burn my cd`s on my mac book pro in AIFF, which is uncompressed format-transfer that music to my Iphone in the same format/I phone has 128 GB capacity, hen listen with the Audioquest/Hifiman set up.... 
Portable DAC and Iphone
PortlandlayI use to have an old Sennheiser headphone hooked up to my Iphone 7. Average sound. Since I travel a lot for work, I decided to take spend the money on a decent rig!My new  travelling set up is HIFIMAN 400S headphones, Dragon fly red, I ... 
What CD player/transport has the most stable mechanism?
IMHO, i would look into some of the vintage Sony ES series from 1980 or around there. Build like tanks, most of these weight around 35,40 pounds , and the chassis is extremely well built. Plus, they sound pretty good and are fairly affordable.Like... 
Your Go to CD to Impress
Bonnie Raitt Nick of timeChicago Transit Authority/ first albumBethoveen 9 th/Von Karajan/Berlin Philharmonic orchestra  
Proton 1100 Pre-amp and 1200 Amp
or however we can discuss privately! 
Proton 1100 Pre-amp and 1200 Amp
Hello hbaudioIf you are serious about selling these, I would like to discuss with you on a private channel.Let me know.Thanks. 
Top five live Rock And Roll Albums
Here`s my cuts:Little Feat: Waiting for Columbus LiveJoe Bonemassa: Live at the Royal Albert HallDire Straits: AlchemyDeep Purple: Made In Japan Pink Floyd: Pulse 
Suggestions on a new /used amp for Focal speakers.
Great advice on the crossovers! Thanks to all.What happened to the answer to the question about the amplifier upgrade?Thanks.Fred. 
Do glass shelves affect sound Quality?
Just my 22 dollars solution to the glass issue . I bought 5 plain cork tiles at Home Depot( $15) and a jar of wood glue ($8) ,brush the glue on the tiles , clamped them together for 24 hours, put a finishing blade in my jigsaw, and cut 2 x 2 " squ... 
Would someone explain what "up sampling" means and how it can affect the sound?
Well, after reading all these comments and opinions, looking at reviews on TAS and Stereophile, and considering my budget, I have decided to buy a Schiit  Bitfrost with the upgrades, sinvce they have a 30 day try-out.Thank you kindly . 
best towers for $3000 ?
Focal Aria 946 at music direct !