Omnidirectional speakers for home theater?

Any opinions how this would work out?
Some love them, some dont, I think they would work great, Mirage makes some very affordable speakers for HT.
I use my Shahinian Obelisks for HT, and it works alright, in fact easier than with conventional speakers, as omnis spread a wider soundfield, and allow more listeners to sit in a realistic soundfield, rather than in a tight sweetspot.
Hassel, do you have use omnis both front, center, and rear channels?
No slouch,
I use them as front speakers only, but have tried two pairs as front and rear speakers (Diapasons in the front, Obelisks as rear). With omnis - or at least with the Shahinians - you do not really need a center speaker. At least I never felt the need for it. The speakers are that mighty, and give you such a good sense of scale and the room involved that I never missed the center speaker. I had a friend who works as a professional setting up home cinema systems, and who had told me that it could never work without a center speaker. After listening, he changed his mind.
Check out this system posted right here on the Gon. All MBL surround. Looks like Copperbop is too busy listening to post any replies though...too bad.