Need Blues Rec--burn the house down guitar stuff

Help Please!

I've Seen several blues artists live that were just amazing...topping that list is Buddy Guy back in the 80's. But, like others, his CDs never seemed to translate that raw club energy/presence I witnessed live. Blues has always been something I enjoy in person...but never really energizes me when I listen at home. I suspect It's out there and I am missing some great artists/performances. I would like some recommendations for:

Some blistering guitar driven/energetic/possibly live stuff--I don't want the slow stuff (I have that). (I guess when I think about's more rock than blues I'm looking for)
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check out the late gary moore's live cds
Try Son Seals, Live and Burning.

I always find live blues albums to be more like live shows (go figure), but the sound quality usually suffers a bit.

Another great one is Luther Allison. Live at Montreaux. This guy had chops!
A mere bag of shells.....Try, Danny Gatton Blazing Telecasters & Oh No, More Blazing Telecasters. Redneck Jazz Explosion vol 1&2. All are live recordings. Otherwise his studio stuff, as well, is also mostly fast and real kick ass!! A consummate technician, to boot! This IS what you are searching!!
or "Hot Rod Guitar" Danny Gatton anthology. 2 CD set. Elizabeth does not even have this one!
Walter Trout - Live

Seriously, turn it up and you can watch your windows rattle.
For a live experience, you can't do any better than Stevie Ray Vaughan, live in montreux (2 DVD's set); sheer delight.
Wow, I've been sampling (and purchasing) some of these from AMZ... can't tell you how much I appreciate the recommendations. Made a Jazz inquiry not too long ago and yielded some great suggestions. Recommendation from Friends is always how I discover the best music.

Trying to avoid a dreaded dry run. Good news is every time I thought it was over...and heard all that could be heard...hooked up on a different even richer musical vein!
All I can if you guys ever need some mind-bogglingly good alternative/alt folk recs...let me know, that's my main area of expertise...but I love it all! (except modern country)
Jimmy Page and The Black Crows- Live at The Greek
Chess records Fathers and Sons, Muddy Waters, Otis Spann, Mike Bloomfield, Paul Butterfield, Duck Dunn, Sam Lay, Buddy Miles Studio and live BBM , Garry Moore, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker studio
Jason Ricci, get it free at
Fast or slow blues. Johnny Winter tops them all. Live or studio. Good luck.
I absolutely second the Danny Gatton recommendations - best guitarist I have ever seen, by far.

Secondly, if you'd like to hear a VERY well-recorded blues album, pick up Junior Wells' "Come On In This House". Absolutely 1st rate recording and mastering quality thanks to Bob Ludwig. This is a reference-quality recording. Available in several formats, even the DTS-CD sounds superb.

How can we not mention mr. blues himself; B.B. King's "Live at the Regal" is a classic, and completely conveys the atmosphere of a live show.
One more for Gatton. The Humbler. Prepare to be humbled

Nick Moss and the Fliptops- they have several live cd's. Sadie Mae is an excellent studio release
Sean Costello
Ronnie Earl
Joe Bonnamassa was one of Danny Gatton's protoges
and I agree about Danny Gatton.
How about trying Joe Bonamassa - Live from nowhere in Particular, or Joanne Shaw Taylor - White Sugar?
Since when did Danny Gatton become a blues player? Love his playing, but it ain't blues.

Check out Duke Robbilard and Ronnie Earl collaborations.
Elvin Bishop has put out a few blues cd's recently too, not live but pretty good from what cuts I have heard
Man oh man have I got what you want."Carlos Santana Plays Blues at Montreux"2004!!!There are 2 versions of this DVD,one version is a short program version,NOT the one you want! The FULL LENGTH version has 3 complete sets of BLOW YOUR MIND blues with Carlos sitting in with (set 1)Clarence "Gatemouth"Brown. (set 2) Bobby Parker(if you've never heard of Bobby parker think of a SMOKIN HOT guitar playin James Brown).(3rd.set) Buddy Guy (& this IS Buddy at his LIVE BEST)!I NEVER get tired of spinning this disc!

You're right. Gatton usually plays some of each...blues, country, jazz, surf, etc. But all of it is great, even if not precisely on the OP's original point

The latest Crossroads 2010 Festival Blu Ray DVD is amazing--I picked up a copy for half off at Best buy for 17 bucks for 2 discs! A who's who of blues stars, and even a finale sit down with BB King. Sound is not DTS HD but it's 24/96 and sounds really good. Susan Tedeschi, Carlos, Winwood, Buddy Guy, and many others. From Soldier's Field in Chicago.
Audioquest has a really nice blues sampler. You should check that out.

Lee Ritenour's 6 string theory CD also has some good blues guitar with several guest stars.

There's always Stevie Ray and Albert King.
The style y4 looking for sounds more Texas Blues style. Try Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughn and ZZ Top. All of these guys love to play fast and careless.
Check out Jimmy Thackery & the Drivers, "Sinner Street", and Smokin' Joe Kubek...Ronnie Earl doesn't burn down the house, but he gets me movin'...
You know what, Qdrone, you might be right!! Although I got a lot of other great suggestions (which I'm acting on)...that may indeed be the style I'm trying to articulate.

I actually wanted to say in my OP, as an example, SRV....but didn't want that to skew the thread and lead people to believe I think SRV's the first and last thing in Blues.

I do dig ZZ top stuff too...but need more like that... Just not them...someone else (i.e. who did they rip off?).

I do have to investigate Johnny Winter though...always been on my periphery but never listened to his stuff.
Allman Brothers Live At The Fillmore
Derek & The Dominos Layla and Assorted Love Songs
Johnny Winter Progressive Blues Experience
Here are a couple URLs to check out too.

All Music

I liked their old format better, but type in Johnny Winter and wander off from there.
Well it has been a while since I used the musicovery site.... sorry it looks they took a great idea and ruined it.
If you want to explore Johnny Winter try his Reprise album The Progressive Blues Experiment and his debut on Columbia,also Second Winter and Live. After Johnny cleaned up his smack habit he came out firing to re- establish himself on three albums on Aligator records that are blistering fret displays.
Another Guiter player that influenced both SRV and Billy Gibbons was a Cincy guitar slinger Lonnie Mack who's live album is worth checking out.
If you want a band that came out of Texas on the heels of ZZ Top's rise in popularity check out Point Blank.
+ for johnny winter. my favs are:
Johnny Winter
Second Winter
Guitar Slinger
Try some live Gov't Mule. has lots of
I would pick a show with "Inside Outside Woman Blues"
I agree with both Johnny Winter live recordings from the 1970's, Still Alive and Well and Captured Live. If you don't mind a little southern boogie Molly Hatchet-Beatin' the Odds is also a perfect fit.
Son Seals, "Live and Burning", will set your system, ears, couch, kitten, everything in the room on fire! Toin it up!
You gotta get some Danny Gatton
You gotta get some Danny Gatton and don't forget Stevie Ray
Checking back in...picked up some of the suggestions and "wish listed" some of the others. VERY good recommendations...I am particularly liking the Son Seals Live and Burning and Johnny Winter's Progressive Blues experiment.

The Lonnie Mack stuff is intriguing...Danny Gatton stuff seems to be a gold mine ... But ALL of it's appreciated!

Thanks Guys!
Poppa Chubby
Isn't that a great looking guitar on the cover of Johnny Winter's Progressive Blues Experiment. That is a National register steel guitar made from a cash register. Yup,in the depression so many business's went under that they made guitars out of the cash registers. The sound is unique and they are highly sought after because of the sound they make when you use it as a slide guitar.
If you dug this album then go straight to Second Winter.
+1 Poppa Chubby - good call bongofury!

You enjoying that Luxman combo?
Bongofury - I do not have any Luxman. You must be thinking of someone else.
Must be. I get a lot of emails from Goners and I sometimes don't connect their handle with their email address. It also could be brain damage from 3,000 shows and all the wrong substances.
Try Tommy Castro - "Can't Keep a Good Man Down"
Hello Qdrone, I remember watching Point Blank in Dallas area clubs. They were very powerful in the smaller venues. A great bar band. That power is hard to transfer to recordings for some reason. What recordings of Point Blank would you recommend that capture that power?
The first three are the ones to own (self titled, 2nd season, The Hard Way). They then became splintered with new personal and started going more mainstream. I've seen em on vinyl on ebay.
Recently listened to The Joe Perry Project-Let the Music do the Talking. This is a great guitar album!!! Many are familiar with the great title track, but Rockin' Train and The Mist is Rising are also equal to the best Aerosmith tracks.
Rory Gallagher - If you want the live blues experience at home start with Irish Tour '74, either the CD or DVD.
Albert, "Blues Boy" King, was da man. He was Stevie Ray Vaughn's idol. When you hear Stevie, you also hear Albert. I saw him live many times, when he played the "juke joints"; the kind where they didn't serve no fancy drinks, "Do you wont whisky wine or beer"?