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Amp / Speaker setup for streaming and vinyl
Listen,on RIGHT NOW there is a Cayin "CS55A" BRAND NEW IN BOX with KT88 tubes.It has built in DAC with USB(only)input,a Moving Magnate phono stage & a wonderful,tube driven headphone out. Price is $1300.00 + shipping.BUY IT!!! ... 
Amp / Speaker setup for streaming and vinyl
Quad:Been around a LONG time & HIGHLY regarded.Several online AD's in the USA. If you want a HUGE taste of the absolute best for about $1600.00 there is the iFi Audio "Retro Stereo 50"TUBE integrated amplifier/DAC/Headphone/Phono,also availabl... 
Amp / Speaker setup for streaming and vinyl
Peachtree was WAYYY ahead of the times with the Nova & an all in one solution is,IMO,the ONLY way to go these days.The problem though is I never cared for the combination of Digital Class D amplification & the SABRE DAC's they use in the c... 
Sparkos Labs Aries Headphone Amp Tour
Hell YES,I'm in! Cans:iBasso SR-1/Sennheiser HD800S & HiFiMan Sundara... Source:Audio GD"R28"... I will also test out the unit as a PreAmp using the R28 as DAC into an Icon Audio ST30 & driving Dynaudio "Excite X14",Heco "Aurora 700" &... 
Pacific Audio Fest
I'm in on Saturday & bringing a newby co worker looking to experience head-fi products. I'll be hitting mostly speaker demo's from  Spatial,Spendor,Salk & several others.  
Recommend me a Class A Integrated Amp (or sound like Class A amp)
If I had your budget the PATHOS INPOL REMIX MKII would get my $...  
Best speakers for a small room
I get the feeling this OP is a fly by but I’m bored & the GF is still at work.. Room size roughly 10’x12’x10’..First off ANY speaker,regardless of size will sound best pulled slightly out into the room to let imaging & staging develope.Abo... 
Interested in your experience/opinions on the best from Nelson Pass
Subscribed,considering one of his Class A power amps.  
Anyone Going to the Pacific Audio Fest
I am,& taking a newby co worker starting to explore head-fi!  Looking forward to hearing: Audio Note Spatial Audio Hoping Jaguar Audio is showing the Fyne speakers Spendor from the 2 Seattle Vendors showing and a Pass Labs Class A Integrated &... 
Music for the Pacific Audiofest show
Good,old fashioned classic rock recorded live,Mozart Wind Concerto's,Live recorded Delta & Chicago Blues,Bob Marley-Jimmy Cliff & Peter Tosh should do it for me!  
Asking for help choosing my headphones
If I could suggest try You will find reviews of EVERY IEM(in ear monitor)you can imagine.Good luck.  
***HUM***BUZZ***CRACKLE***POPPPP= Dead Amp...Where To Service???
🤔,whats a turntable?  Bought the Sugden based on rep for long life,guess that doesn't apply to what they themselves called the finest amp the ever made when it came out. hgeifman:good call,thanks.  
***HUM***BUZZ***CRACKLE***POPPPP= Dead Amp...Where To Service???
Appreciate it,thanks.  
The best you can do here is IMO to read all the individual reviews on each & compare that way...  
Replacement for current speakers suggestions
"I like a warm sound that recreates music in great detail without sounding clinical"..  Not how I would describe any Monitor Audio I've ever heard(RS & RX series),never impressed with the Wharfedale's I owned(Pacific)or demo'd & Maggies sh...