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Stylus skipping at beginning of record
Maybe you're cartridge is not dropping down low enough.  
Tonearm recommendations under $1500
Did you get the arm? how is it?  
Acoustic Signature turntables
I have a WOW with a TA-700 arm. Zero problems, I've had it 5 years. I think it sounds great, a big step up from a Rega RP3.  It came with  a Rega arm, I didn't think the TA-700 was a huge improvement over the Rega RB-202. Love the looks, mine is t... 
Eric Clapton Unplugged MoFi UD1S thoughts
To me, the 2LP Bellman is like pushing a loudness button. It still sounds great though. The 1 Step is so natural sounding, the tone is perfect. Also, the Bellman is much louder so you need to listen to both at the same level.  
Bookshelf dilemma
Polk L200 Sonus Faber Sonetto I  
New to vinyl, where to start?
Do you know how many hours the cartridge has on it?  
Forgotten heavy bands from late 60's to early 70's
King Crimson. Try Red or USA    
Vinyl Repair?
Buy another one, they are not that expensive.  
Any experience with Sound Smith repairing stylus on non-Sound Smith cartridges?
I had them re-tip my Hana SH. The diamond just disintegrated after about 300 hrs. I had them do the Ruby Cantilever / Nude Contact Line Diamond. Great work received it back in 2 weeks. Blows away the original SH. Much better highs, deeper more def... 
Remove Radio Station Background Noise
Try cleaning your RCAs.  
What phono cartridge is suited for metal and heavy rock?
Try a Audio-Technica VM540ML. I bought one while deciding on a new cartridge. The diamond on my Hana SH just disappeared. I actually liked it better than the SH.  
Speakers for daughter
Safe & Sound in Chicopee has some good deals. They have online & in store shopping. No affiliation.  
Unico Primo integrated amp
I have the Primo also. I bought it in Black. I love the sound. I replaced the stock 12AX7 also with a Tungsram from Upscale (Kevins stash). I replaced the stock 12AX7 before with a NOS Brimar. The Tungsram is so much better, it's like I added a su... 
Speakers for daughter
People seem to like these a lot.    
inexpensive phono pre amp
I had a Emotiva XPS-1 for a second TT. It was really nice. Sounded great, quiet. Nice & small. I really liked it. I sold it because I sold my 2nd TT. It is MM/MC with adjustments for load impedance.