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Bel canto Ref600 versus PS Audio M700
Fwiw.... I Love the S300.... Exceeded my expectations in all ways.... The M700 should be as good or better.  Disappointed in all Class D before it... Though never tried Bel Canto's offerings.  
What is your best internet radio station?
Radio Paradise....without a doubt.  
Anyone else gotten SPAM pop ups the last couple of days?
Which Class D Amplifier? PS Audio, Ghent, Nord, Merrill or other???
I bought a ps audio s300 when I had to have my tube Amp serviced... I knew it was going to take a while and was going to be entertaining some out of town visitors. I’m shocked at how good it sounds.I’d tried class D before and, while initially imp... 
Grounding my Silvertone
Jea48... Nice work...does my heart good to see folks like you taking time just to help.  
Great topic/thread... Surprising someone has not poisoned it yet... To me... Besides education... This is what the forum should be.  
Why According to some Turntable extremists Pitch Control and Direct Drive is Sacrilege?
Has2be....Well said. 
Just wanted to share that I got a new reviewing gig with Six Moons.com website
Congratulations Tejay ... I've always enjoyed, appreciated, and trusted your insights.  Your tone... for lack of better phrasing...has always come across as practical, genuine and advisory...  
Do speaker cables need a burn in period?
Glupson,  after all these years....not sure either way...but that was a slam dunk! 
Geoffkait...it’s funny you mention Asperger’s...I honestly pegged you as having it...but not the audiophile kind. Repetition...issues with social interaction...  
OMG, Prof..we get it!...you’re the epitome of unbiased-ness-ess. You are a wise and unsullied prophet...here to save us from ourselves... educate us!The only suggestion I have is that your posts should be less brief and concise. 
Talk but not walk?
OMG...definitely not the professor from Gilligan's Island...can you imagine?  They probably would have eaten this one. 
What Matters and What is Nonsense
"clearthink" You're always yipping about ...America this, America that...You have ZERO idea what you are talking about.  You also clearly fail to realize that It just comes across as one of the many axes you have to grid.  Your axes are so ground ... 
PS Audio customer service is excellent
I Agree, PS Audio's products are great...and their service is superb!   
Can't we all just get along?
On second thought....like Tomcy6 says...just don't do it...again.  Leave it at that.