Kenny Rogers, 1938-2020

Kenny Rogers, the Grammy award-winning country music icon, has died aged 81.

Rogers “passed away peacefully at home from natural causes under the care of hospice and surrounded by his family,” according to a statement by representative Keith Hagan.
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Just read that this morning
Not my type of music/artist but still another great loss.
Not my kind of music either but did see him in the round in Rupp Arena in 1982 - large crowd and very enjoyable show.

First pre-recorded music I ever bought was Kenny Rogers and The First Edition "Something's Burning".

R.I.P. Kenny
Just picked up a a copy of The Gambler on vinyl the other day. Very fun album. He will be missed.
Seemed like a nice guy, although as usual, his ex-wife may feel differently.
Question: Wasn't it Kenny Rogers on an infomercial many years ago who was selling a book to teach you how to play guitar called "Easy Pickin' and Fun Strummin'?"