Kenny wheelers "what now"

Anyone else enjoying this cd.The playing is so steller...ecspecially for no overdubs.Even hard believe that there were no 2nd takes,(?)The fact that there are no drums really leans on dave holland(double-bass) and john taylor(keyboards)Who is the tastiest player and never fails to amaze me.Wheeler and Potters horn work is exceptional too.I know not new cd,but very well recorded and a very worthy addition to the pile.(imho)
Agree. John Taylor is one of my favorite pianists and the others are great too. Dave
I agree too. I went on a buying binge last year and scooped up several Kenny Wheeler releases. I had an LP I purchased in the 70's by the trio Azimuth, "The Touchstone" that's excellent (it has Wheeler with Norma Winstone and Taylor). Another one of the cd's I picked up is of the same Trio (wheeler/Taylor/Winstone) called "Siren't Song", and another is Wheeler/Taylor "Where Do We Go From Herre?". All excellent.

So far everything I have with him involved is great (though I really favor Trumpet/Flugelhorn led jazz). I'll probably pick up more if his . . .
I bought "what now" and other titles of Wheeler's on Amazon (do a search). All good.

I saw him live in a trio years ago with Peter Erskine (drums) and a bassist (Carpenter) and it was one of my all time favorite jazz sessions. I also saw Stanko live and love his work, but I have a fondness for Wheeler, and cannot forget both shows....amazing stuff.

You might also try Abercrombies "Open Land" for some more great tidbits of Wheeler.
Some good suggestions here. Another: Eric Vloeimans (trumpet) on the Challenge label, especially Summersault and Umai (the latter with John Taylor, on SACD). And Stanko is a find.
Kenny just has that sweet full tone that has a touch of blue that gets me.Enrico ravas easy livings cool.Right in there with stanko.
Here are three other great Wheeler CD's.
"Gnu High" ECM label
"Angel Song" ECM label
"Flutter by, Butterfly" Soul Note label
Not kennys stuff but Peter erskines series has some serious great playing!(john taylor,Palle danielson,Peter erskine).Recorded beautifully too.