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Need speaker cable
Kimber Kable 8 or 12tc 
Audioquest or Kimber kable.
https://youtu.be/6evV01Z-mWY   Check out Audioholics review  
Audioquest or Kimber kable.
I have the focal aria 948 and I have kimber and it matches very well  
Kenny Rogers, 1938-2020
R.I.P Kenny Rogers 
Focal Aria 948, Revel F208, Tekton Double Impact
Had the f208 amazing speaker now I have the focal aria 948 right now  I like them the best in my setup  
Forever speakers around $5000
Focal aria 948 revel f208  
Interconnects and Speaker Cable, What in your history hit your pleasure button?
My Kimber Bifocal XL speaker cables kimber pk10 Palladians kimber select ks1130 1116 1111 1126 kimber carbon ic cables kimber ascent power cords Purist audio designs dominus power cord rev C. Purist audio designs canorus power cord preasto rev.Tar... 
Tammy Holt ......She's what holds it all together.......Never gives up
Tammy has helped me a few times tammy is the best  
3 Kimber PK 10 Palladians and 3 Pk10 Ascents 
What is your favorite High EFF speaker
My New Klipsch RF7 III 
Speaker recommendation thread (Organised by tiers of price)
I just replaced my 803D1 with a pair of Revel F208 and they are amazing much more detail more in depth 1000 - 5000 range also looked at a set of Focal Aria 948 liked those also I know Focal has released again some more electra 1028 Be and 1038 Be ... 
Reasonable high end interconnects: without breaking the bank
Kimber tonik great bang for buc  
Careful if buying Purist Audio Neptune fluid cables.
Jim is a great guy and will take care of any defects in the cables purist audio design customer service is top notch i have owned many of his cables  
What brand was better than it is today?
Snell 😢 
Ordered my new amp today... been a long road!
I have a halo a31 and im using a kimber pk10 palladian but the pk10 ascent works great also.