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It was 50 years ago today...
Why?  I used to enjoy the posts, but now, its a simple question, Why? 
Record saver fluid
I am down to 2 choices (PP or SET amp?) to run my JBL L100 (alnico)
I am powering a set of the new L100s, maybe this is what you have, maybe not, with a 40 WPC Luxman KT88 amp and think its wonderful.  I think 8 wpc is far to low.  But, as always, just my opinion. 
can you add tone controls to a primaluna HP integrated amp
Just ordered one, worth the cost to see for myself, and I cannot at all agree with what ebm said here, since from my perspective its an issue of the recording vs the system that I often need to tamper with.  But, as in all things, ebm and others c... 
Hacking a Luxman Integrated
I use mine to drive Vandersteen 5A speakers, and have the low pass filters attached, without this feature I could not use this integrated.  Its great, by the way.  And so are the loudspeakers.   
Speaker of the Century Award Goes To ....
My set of "augmented one-way" UniField 3 MII speakers are pretty great.  So I nominate this design for consideration.  For what that may be worth.  Most likely nothing, to anyone other than me.  Highs, mids, lows, imaging, beauty both in sound and... 
5A Vandersteen
I think my 5As were ~$19K when I bought them, the most I have ever paid for a piece of stereo equipment, then and now.   
5A Vandersteen
From RV:The 5 series was discontinued because they would have to go to $45,000 a pair and that is too close to the Model Seven in price. The Model 5 series is very labor intensive and by using some existing tooling we are building the new Kento C... 
What's Your Fantasy Supergroup?
Of course easy to answer:  john paul george and ringo, but not a fantasy at all, is it/was it? 
What's Your Fantasy Supergroup?
I love Boxcar, Yoko and Diana, so that sounds great to me!  Have seen each live.   
Bobbie Gentry or Dusty Springfield?
Best part of this is I don't have to choose, I can revel in the glory of both of them (plus, of course Shelby's tribute recording to Dusty).  Bobbie wrote great songs and made great records.  Dusty sang great songs and made great records.  And the... 
So disappointed in today's Americana
Mister positive.  Now that's one I haven't heard/seen before.   
So disappointed in today's Americana
Patty Griffin's newest is so great, I agree.  I don't see a title for the disc, but its sure wonderful! 
Mobile Fidelity Ultradeck
Thank you, I bought mine in the past 2 weeks, so I gather I have the re-tooled base, I looked and no broken stump.  Seems a great company, and a great table too.   
Mobile Fidelity Ultradeck
I have the Ultradeck, not certain what you refer to here?