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Kal was right!
Thank you Nonoise, an excellent review of the loudspeakers.  I am now even more eager for them to be here.  Soon.  I have three options for driving them (well, maybe 4), and will try them each in turn.  Three tubed, one ss.    
Kal was right!
I paid full price, 17,990.  With high gloss black finish.    
Kal was right!
I have several; Vandersteen 5A, Von Schweikert Unified 3 Mk2, JBL L100 classic, Snell CIV.  
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Dylan last night at the Beacon, NYC, with my son.  Oh yeah, so great!  
Days of Our Lives
Sweet Tuesday Morning, Badfinger  
Days of Our Lives
Monday Monday I've got Friday on my mind Sunday will never be the same Another Saturday Night  
Do have anyone to purchase Audio Research REF 75SE in 2021?
riaa, what was the issue/were the issues you had with Paragon as a seller?  
Bands/artists you never got to see live in their heyday, but would've liked to.
I missed ever seeing Waylon Jennings or Buck Owens, regret that.   
Bands/artists you never got to see live in their heyday, but would've liked to.
Might be the right description shdog, but definitely a predictable response from good old Schubert.   
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
nauseated, not nauseous. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Disc 3 from new Dylan bootleg series, from Infidels, just outstanding music!!! 
Guy Clark was right
I agree!  The tomatoes are far easier to get than his other one of the two things money can't buy.  At least for me.   
Amp Recommendation for new JBL L100 Classic
I drive those wonderful speakers with a 70 wpc KT150 integrated amp, and play them loud often.  They sound just great.  I use a Lyric integrated.  Ti 140.  Plenty of power. 
Another great gone, this time its Charlie Watts
My set of drums are old (from the late '60s) Gretsch white pearl.  My son uses them now, along with two or three other Gretsch sets.  The sound is oh so wonderful.   
And Tom T. Hall makes 3 :-(
Thanks.  I think Karl Blau's version of That's How I Got To Memphis is my favorite version of that wonderful song.  It's on a recording titled Introducing Karl Blau.