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Songs that sound like Dylan
ugly Roxy  
Led Zeppelin 11
Luxman D03X vs D10X
I have a Constellation Audio Integrated coupled with the wonderful Perlisten S7t loudspeakers; also have a nice TT, but rarely use it.  I have a big open room and the music that is played here fills the space, no head-width sweet spot, its great i... 
Luxman D03X vs D10X
I also have the D10X, and like rnrmf1971 I will keep it for the rest of my lifetime.  
After years of separates, I'm going integrated. Anyone else do the same?
I have that Luxman integrated too, its pretty special.    
After years of separates, I'm going integrated. Anyone else do the same?
I have, in one of my systems, the one I use most often.  I recently bought the Constellation Audio Integrated unit.  I use it with the Luxman D-10X CD/SACD/MQA player and the Perlisten S7t loudspeakers.  I also have a TT, it rarely gets used thoug... 
Tom Jones
And he still makes great recordings.  
Luxman D-10X Follow up
I, too, have this player. I did not have to wait a year. Once I decided to make the leap I found one in Arizona and had it sent to me. This was just about 2 months ago. I agree with what is said here about this player, and after the usual break in... 
Thank you kyle76; I received the Nashville disc yesterday, Rumer's versions of Hugh Prestwood songs. Its pretty great. I have the B/D one coming too.  
Eric Clapton reveals this week of his declining health
I just checked, stuartk has a better memory on this than jafant!  
Records, CDs, Streaming
99% CD/SACD, 1% LP.  No streaming here.  
I miss my Loudness Button and Tone Controls....
I agree; Schit makes inexpensive or more expensive "equalizers", they work wonders!  
Tube Rolling Luxman D 380
Have you listened to this player with the tube buffer circuit in, and then not in?  How much of a difference do you hear?  If very little then it seems to me tube rolling is not in the cards.  Or maybe its exactly what is needed?  
Procol Harum’s Gary Brooker, Singer and Co-Writer of ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale,’ Dies at 76
great artist