Interesting Ads

This guy seems to have some very interesting stories - traveled with the Dead, goes all over the world... Impressive.
Maybe it's just me, Chayro, but when the most common word someone uses in their writing or conversation is "I", MY eyes glaze over and "I" tune out. Not really interested in the life story of a wealthy narcissist who flits from Maui to Florence to Rome, using his friends connections to buy cheap and sell on the secondary market for the price he got via his connections. You got something to sell, describe it, name your price, and save your life story for someone who cares. YMMV.
It sounds like the kind of conversation that at first blush, sounds interesting, and then you wish someone would call you away. It's just a piece of equipment. One's pedigree isn't a prerequisite for selling it. IMO, YMMV, etc. goes a long way better in an ad or review, which this one kind of turned into.

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"I actually stopped selling on Audiogon because I got so tired of some of the people giving me their whole life story."
Too funny.
Yeah, quite the story. I almost bought a turntable once from a guy who claimed that he started The Absolute Sound and got HP up and running.In the end I didn't, because I thought his asking price was too high and I didn't want to 'insult' him by negotiating, he didn't seem like the type. I'm sure he sold it to someone willing to pay more because the seller 'was somebody'. LOL!
Reminds me of when George Costanza bought a car from Jon Voight on
too many words for my taste . . .
I read this guys story in his Revel ad and figured it was the start of an explination to any buyer why the gear wouldn't ship for three or four months and why communication would be little to none. I don't need a story from buyers and I certainly don't need a story from sellers but this time I took it as a welcome warning.
I'm wondering what part of the self-puffery act you find
"impressive". Smacks of bull to me.
I don't think Chayro was taken in by the self puffery, just impressed at what the guy has done. Some folk love to wax eloquent and expand when something concise will do, like in this ad.

Nothing more.

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Most sellers I have dealt with here and everywhere else was "somebody". Never bought much from robots other than coin op machines etc.
I didn't believe this story at all but read way too much of it the day it was on the "home page." Real somebodys never mention it as far as I can tell. If they do it is usually only their name that I recognize as celebrity. When someone winds a yarn this long it is almost certainly B.S. I would never buy from such a character!
BTW this is not the first time He or She has tried to sell their ML stuff here.
His listing is from White Plains near Scarsdale. Very affluent area.

Probably true but there might be some backyard fantasy "mixing" on the second turntable :^)
I'm only a uneducated ex-Chicago "street punk" who grew up in the schoolyard playing ball and drinking beer... and could see through people when I was 12 hanging on the corner with Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Actually, I wasn't impressed with any of it. I just found it very unusual that a seller had to go through his life story to sell you some hifi equipment.
Chayro, "I just found it very unusual that a seller had to go through his life story to sell you some hifi equipment."

Indeed. Then again, as he's selling at a price that makes one wonder why they wouldn't just go to their own dealer, I guess he felt his prose required extra effort. In a perverse way, all of his BS reminds me of "The Most Interesting Man In The World."
Personally I'd run like heck from this guy in fear of him slapping a surcharge on his asking price for the privilege of dealing with him.
jmcgrogan: "jon voight's car"=post of the week. my kudos. anyway, mr. travels-with-the-dead does have a long, legit (positive) sales record, so i maintain he's earned the right to be as weird as he chhoses in his ads, and i wish him well on his journey.
I couldn't get through all that fluff in the ad. One thing that makes me scratch my head is that in all listings bubbajon420 has he is only using stock pics. I guess he spent all that time writing and didn't have time to take pictures of the gear he is selling and post them.