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As most, I have had my good and bad times...however, my parents and grandparents were never well to do, but they taught me much about sharing.  Be  it basics like food, shelter, clothing and more, to the more esoteric good things in life.  I have known well to do people that were poor because they did not  know the joys of giving and sharing.  

Herbie Hancock was told about a new car at the Ford dealership to check by his friend. He just like cars so he went to see it. The dealer seeing a young black kid in a t-shirt said "that car's not for you" and dismissed him. Herbie felt so insulted he came back the next day with cash just to show the guy up! The car was the new A.C.Cibra 289. Miles would normally give Herbie a ride home after recording, but this time he said "thanks but I've got a  car now". He waited in his car at the first red light for Miles, who then pulled up next to him and saw Herbie in his new car. Miles had a Ferrari. The light changed, Herbie hit the gas and took off!!  Herbie said he stopped at the next light, lit a cigarette and waited. Miles then pulled up next to him. Gave him a look and said "cute car..... you better get rid of it"! Herbie is to this day the longest original owner of a Cobra.