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Bad news for audiophiles?
It suppose could happen... but not likely... unless you have no palate 
do players like Foobar improve sound of internet
Supra usb 
Small room; Audio Physic Scorpio or WB Trinity??
Fritz Speakers... call Fritz, he will advise you well and take good care of you 
Impact of speaker stands?
Call Noel at Skylan in Canada and he will take good care of you 
What are your favorite speaker finishes?
I have a pair of Fritz stand-mounts made from Bocote wood... the only pair he ever made and love them 
Help with speaker cable under $500 for new system
WyWires Blue... Alex will take good care of you 
Upgrade from Proac Response 1SC?
further to $ 2000. bookshelf speakers
Fritz Carbon 7 SE (no contest) 
Speaker Stands Question
You want the tweeters the same height as your ears while sitting in your listening chair... go to Cardas speaker placement calculator site for help with placement 
Speaker Stands Question
Talk to Noel at Skylan Speaker Stands... give him the Nola dimensions and he will make custom stands for you (about 350.00) 
tube preamp with SS amp
I don't need smart-ass answers... thank you Yogiboy and Mesch 
Is $3000 pushing the limits for a geat monitor??
Fritz Carbon 7 SE and Skylan stands... under 3000.00 
Speaker Set Up...Math/Geometry Experts Please Help
Go to Cardas.com and look at speaker placement 
ESL's to Monitors
Fritz CARRERA or Carbon 7 SE 
The best Standmount Loudspeaker $6k or under
You absolutely made the right speaker selection