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Computer updated and now Roon is blocked
Have you rebooted your computer since the upgrade?   
Audio Rack Opinions
Arnold with Core Audio is great to deal with. He can even build you custom pieces as requested. I still have one of his original Core Audio MOD3 racks in Black Walnut. It is a great little rack. I had three of the MOD3 racks, but over the years I ... 
AVR Took A Dirt Nap - Looking To Upgrade
AV Processor has no amps so you'll need to buy a separate amplifier(s). These are separates and you stated that you did not want to go that route. An AVR (AV Receiver) is an all-in-one solution so it will have amps built in.  Not familiar with th... 
Buckeye amps
There is a 93 page thread over at ASR. You can also email the owner. He is very responsive. I put down a deposit for a 6 channel Hypex model for upgrading my home theater. https://audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/buckeye-amps-new-... 
Need advice for a replacement phono cartridge
Can't comment on Koetsu. I'm a fan of Dynavector cartridges myself and they mate well with VPI. The XX-2 MkII is a great cart and probably the sweet spot in their line up.   
Hegel H590 integrated amp
The Hegel H590 was on my short list of integrated amplifiers, but in the end I went with a Boulder 866. Lack of Roon certification at the time was the killer for me ultimately. Not sure if the H590 has been Roon certified yet or not.  
Phono stage options - balanced with XLR both input and output...
Boulder. All their gear is balanced, but their entry level phono is $5000 so there is that.  
Connections of Kimber Hero
Do you have the cable terminated to at least one RCA? You can use the continuity tester on a multimeter to determine which wire is signal and which is ground if so.  
What's the heaviest speaker you've ever owned? What's the tallest?
Von Schweikert dB99 SE speakers. About 115 lbs per speaker. Also the tallest I've owned at about 43". Add a couple more inches due to the custom outrigger plinth I had made for it. I still miss these speakers.  
Recommendations for Earplugs That Work – Protect But Allow Music In
The best you're gonna do is to go see an audiologist and have custom ear plugs made for you. They should be able to mold them to your ear.  
Von Schweikerts What amp sounds best?
VSA tends to use VAC amplifiers at their shows so it would seem they feel there is some synergy there.  I had amazing sound with my VSA dB99 & Yamamoto A-08S, but obviously that was a very specific & specialized setup.  
Audiophile Grade Wall Receptacle
I'm using 2 Furutech GTX-D(G) and 1 GTX-D(R). I got a great deal on the set. Paid $265 delivered for all 3 outlets, plus 3 carbon fiber plates, plus 3 GTX outlet frames.  
VPI H-16.5 record cleaning machine power failure
Best bet is to contact VPI. I've also had a HW16.5 for over a decade now I believe and the only problem I ever ran into was the unit would over heat & shutdown during long cleaning sessions (20+ LPs). I was going back through my collection &am... 
Subwoofer Choice Question SVS, Majico, JL Audio, REL
Rythmik F12  
Which Integrated with Magico A3
Boulder 866