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Responses from kgturner

How to insert album cover art on music files?
I use Tag&Rename to tag all my WAV files. Never had a single issue with the information/album art showing up using the old Slim Devices/Logitech streamers or my current DIY computer using JRiver. 
Where to buy decent 845 and 211 tubes?
I always like the Shuguang 845B tubes. No experience with 211 tubes. 
line magnetic 805ia and cossor 805 tube
Check with the Line Magnetic Owners Group on Facebook. They are fairly active & I believe somebody on there is also running the Cossor 805 in their 805IA. 
Selling my dads top of the line system
Selling separately will yield the best financial results as others have mentioned. But I think keeping it (if feasible) and thinking of your dad every time a song you love or a song you both loved plays will yield better emotional results. 
Rythmik Vs REL Subwoofers - What to Buy?
I have a pair of F12SE subs (in a 17' x 17' living room) and am VERY happy with them. I've run them both using the speaker level and line level inputs. They have been flawless since I set them up. Can't speak to the REL, but I have no desire to ch... 
Which Class D Amplifier? PS Audio, Ghent, Nord, Merrill or other???
What's the general opinion of the Kharma MP150? It got rave reviews when it came out, but at this point the amplifier is 10+ years old. I presume it's been given updates over the years. One reviewer claimed it bested the darTzeel stereo amplifier.... 
Price to list ad
usaudiomart.comaudioasylum.com has a trader section 
Pass Labs XA30.5 -> Line Magnetic 508ia?
I own the 518IA and have not had a single problem with it. I bought it new from a dealer in Florida called Wellington Audio and my experience was fine. The dealer in North Carolina is Goldprint Audio. I purchased my Manley Chinook from there and T... 
$20K to spend on speakers…. . wait! There’s a catch!
I would think that if I had $20k to drop on speakers, I also have enough money to travel to listen to the used speakers. 
6922 Tubes!
I got a full set of Philips 7DJ8 from Upscale Audio and I'm very pleased with them in my Chinook. Especially at $40 a tube, the price wasn't bad at all. You can save a little money and try a pair on the input stage (rear tubes) of the Chinook. Eva... 
Paying taxes/duty on used goods purchased in Canada
Call UPS and ask what their brokerage fee is? They probably have a declared value schedule or else some percentage multiplier. Just a thought. 
Spindle Holes
Pretty sure the standard spindle diameter is 9/32". You can get a 9/32" bit at most any hardware store. 
Which phono preamplifier do you recommend?
Pretty sure the Liberty is over $1000. 
Which phono preamplifier do you recommend?
Price range? What's your table, cart, arm combo? I'm fond of my Manley Chinook. If you have more to spend, I hear the Allnic H1201 is really nice. At under $1k, I'd go with a Ray Samuel's Nighthawk F-117. 
Cleaning records. How often really?
Once I get a record, I clean it on my VPI, then run it through my DIY Ultrasonic cleaner. Once it's dry, it goes into a MoFi bag placed behind the record outer sleeve in a re-sealable poly bag. I don't clean them again after that unless they look ...