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Mcintosh Meter color help, it's Is it faded, not blue? Is it faded?
If it’s anything on the inside like my MC2125 the lights are clear and the coloring is on the etched faceplate.  Shouldn’t be a big deal just keep track of screws and brackets if you take it apart. 
REL T/9i compared to Strata iii
I kept my stadium 3 over the S/3 I had for a year.  Different subs but hope that helps. 
Why No McIntosh Recommendations?
I’m listening to a MC2125 and C28 combination right now that has been in my family since the 70’s.  It’s not the last word in resolution or grain free but I’ll tell you it is fun.  It has great rhythm, is smooth and controlled with all music.When ... 
Anyone at the Devore Fidelity Event?
WCat I’ve never heard Marten speakers but I have heard Verity Parsifal Anniversary speakers driven by both Nagra and EAR electronics.  The Nagra was clean and vibrant and engaging, the EAR was detailed, smoother and more charismatic to my ears.   
Anyone at the Devore Fidelity Event?
firstnot that has nothing to do with this thread besides it being an audio event. 
Selling Advice
I don’t know the prices but IMO if it’s under $600 for everything you might try craigslist for the system.  People are always looking for a package deal for a basement or rental, etc.  that would allow local pickup and no insurance costs too.  Hop... 
Anyone at the Devore Fidelity Event?
Prof with your writing skills and love of the speakers you should get limousine service to the event! LolThe photo on FB shows all ref Nagra with them.  A treat for sure. 
Selling Advice
People usually sell high end stuff in this site unless they are selling digital amps.The components are typically sold individually but are sometimes bundled (rare). They expect you to pack in original boxes otherwise you better be clear on packag... 
LOUD popping Rogue Magnum
Is it near any modems or cordless phones or any other devices that broadcast a signal?  I once had a preamp that was sensitive to a cordless phone even when it was not in active use.   
Leben CS 600 and Harbeth vs Audio Note vs ATC vs JM Reynaud
Years ago I had a pair of Reynaud Emeraud’s with a VAC Avatar and the combination was great.  The Avatar has the option to listening at 27 watts triode or 60 in ultra linear.  I remember them playing well with most music with triode but to really ... 
Bookself speaker for Luxman 590 axII
The Luxman he is referring to has pre out and also PRE IN to use it as an amp only.  I think he means has anyone used it as an amp with a different pre. 
Lyngdorf TDAI-3400
My intention on posting was not to single out any users of this thread, owners, designers, etc. I am an ordinary listener with less experience than many people here, but I have traded in excess of $150,000 in gear, live near and travel to cities f... 
Lyngdorf TDAI-3400
Martin- I would not jump into a Lyngdorf without listening to one for a while.  I found the 2170 to be dull and defenseless among amps of similar value from Leben, Luxman, VAC, SPEC, and many others.  In my opinion (only been at this for 20 years ... 
Going to try a tube integrated.
If your speaker is not easy to drive you might find yourself listening to the music that sounds best through your systems and neglecting other selections.  There is nothing wrong with this but could be indicate an imbalance.  This is something I’v... 
Double blind test- over a month- could this be a reliable test for any equipment?
Geoffkait,I think you are right.  Ozzy Osbourne remained focused when he was biting those bat heads off.I've had my kids switch my Nordost QX4 on and off randomly and I can tell the difference with certain passages.