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SVS sub owners, Past and Present
I had to use the Russound adapter because my tube amps don’t have sub outs. The SB3000 beat my Rel s/3 and s/5 with many speaker combinations. All my mains have gone to the low 30’s or below. I prefer to use subs to fill under 30 only. One you get... 
Honest Experience on Effects of Subwoofer Please
The way I look at it (YMMV) is if you can swing a quality set of speakers that plays into the 20hz region you are way ahead of the game. A speaker that has good material and integrates well will run you near $20k new (YMMV). At this point you have... 
Best audiophile earwax removal system?
Those screw things are a sham, scam, scamola. Your better off rolling up a $20 sticking it in your ear and lighting it on fire. YMMV.  
Who are your favorite A'gon posters?
I've enjoyed the more humorous and controversial posters over the years. Dissecting whether or not you should be listening to something you like or something that measures well gets me on the site never. Can there be a balance between sleepy and t... 
Did Audiogon get sold to the Chinese or Russian Govt?
AG keeps banned members in the system, probably to justify ad more money for high member or post count. I feel like there would be a different protocol in China or Russia.   
Speakers for yoga studio
I’ve thought about the 901’s but I’d have to check to make sure they’re not deteriorated which could be a can of worms. If I could find a good set they would be lots of fun.    
Speakers for yoga studio
Thanks for the suggestions so far, I wouldn't have come across any of them on my own. Temps are between 90 and 105 depending on the type of class. Thinking of using Acoustic Zen cabling.😉  
Speakers for yoga studio
For some reason a post was deleted that said: I remember when this was a high end site. Good riddance. The world is so much better now. I can’t wait to get up each morning to see how things have improved over yesterday. I'm just looking for go... 
Speakers for yoga studio
Flexibility is key. Who’s post was removed was that the buffer?  
Speakers for yoga studio
Yes that would be ideal. Or a pair of front ported Orangutans mounted on the wall with a Mastersound 300B to add to the tropical climate.  Does your wife connect to these speakers through an Iphone or similar device?  
Speakers for yoga studio
@Mapman thanks those look nice. Well if you’re in MA I’ll have to up the budget and get some ohms. Here is the space...  
I don't want to beat a dead horse but I'm bugged.
The people who measure and explain are a dime a dozen. Those that see the artfulness and beauty to life are a very different crowd. It’s unlikely that either group will end up in your living room spinning records so just realize the camp you’re in... 
Cures for Vocal Sibilance?
I wouldn’t call it sibilance but a good dc power supply to your music server will definitely allow notes to have more purity and dynamics without fatigue.  
Mitigating the Bubble
Is this thread an early attempt to experiment with on-screen lsd?  
Mitigating the Bubble
It’s rare but sometimes the best plan is no plan at all.