Do your speakers have enough "freshness"

I have come to realise recently that one of the ingredients I wanted from speakers is a "fresh" sound, but was unable to articulate that. This is not a term I have used in the past but I am realising that for me it is so vital in creating an emotional response to music. How do you describe what "freshness" is? The best I can do is it is a kind of an open, clear, extended, and lively quality that occupies the mid range through the upper frequencies. I think now that I am more aware of how important this attribute is for me, it is very apparently missing in many speakers. As I have moved up in all equipment, but especially speakers, there has usually been an improvement in freshness, amongst other things. How does sit with you?
I attriute it to less distortion, better resolution. One of the big differences in my present speakers from thier predecesssors are the Dynaudio Esotar drivers.
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You description sounds like a combination of wide dispersion and excellent transient response. It's sometimes described as "airy and transparent."
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If the speakers sound the same the next time you listen to them, do they still sound fresh? It's a tough adjective to use in this context, IMO.
"freshness" is in abundance at a concert, even though the music plays thru amplifiers there is a certain intimate quality that I think of as "glow" where you can hear into the musical nuances and get the sense of it being "alive". In this case it has to do with the ultimate source (a live performance).

I think in a home rig it is a certain coherence of the fundamental and harmonic frequencies along with soft and loud dynamics that help "action" (the ability to come alive). Inner detail figures into it as well IMO.

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>> The best I can do is it is a kind of an open, clear, extended, and lively quality that occupies the mid range through the upper frequencies.

Mike, you are describing dipole speakers to a T; planars, ribbons and some open-baffle speakers share these qualities.
My speakers have a hint of eucalyptus that I attribute to my fetid imagination.
Golly 'fresh' is such a lame term to use to describe anything to do with speakers! I would like to know if it's not asking too much how you even came up with the adjective 'fresh' for speakers??
Surely you could have trolled the extensive audiogon archives to discover several other more appropriate adjectives to describe preferred speaker sonics.....
Maybe the change you are hearing is what Newbee mentioned;to me it is a increase of microdynamics(finer inner detail) in the music and you are becoming more aware of source material as it is being presented in a cleaner manner.It was like this for me as I moved up in speakers such as my last 2;dunlavy sc III's and now soundlab m2's driven by roland model 6 amps and audiovalve challanger 180 monoblocks.
Stereophile has an audiophile glossary here:

Maybe you can find the words to describe what you mean there.
Like others have said, "fresh" may not be the best adjective to use. My brother-in-law likes to use the word "crisp" to describe what he likes to hear and I cringe whenever he uses it. Agreed upon usage is the best way to go since we can all relate on some level.

But I see what you mean and if I understand it correctly, then the opposite would be "canned", as in processed, stale and lacking in air and ambience. In short, not realistic.

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Agree with many of the descriptions of 'freshness' put forward above. I think it is a term that can encapsulate a few of the more typical audio terms in one word. It is obviously not my term but when I heard it, it worked for me.
Tomcy6, thanks for posting that link again. Communication is so much better when the words have the same meaning for all parties concerned.

I think you are starting to hear perhaps that "vail" might be your hearing degradation? Maybe not.

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