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B&K and Vandersteen Good match??
If I had Vandersteen 2Cs I would buy an Audio Research Clasic 60 and Audio Research SP-14 and live happily ever after. Oh, you might want to add a Vandersteen 2W subwoofer later on. 
Vandersteen 2Ce and B&K good match??
It appears you are in the best position to answer this question. The best match I have found with Vandersteen speakers is Audio Research. 
Need power cable for older KRELL amp
If you need to replace one power cord you should replace both power cords. 
What speakers work best with electronic music?
Schubert, If you are referring to the Bose 901 there is no crossover. The component required with Bose 901 is an EQ. 
Emotiva XSP-1 Gen 2 preamplifier: review
Nice review and it is consistant with what I hear from other Emotiva owners. 
tubes for audio research dual 51
What does Audio Research recommend? 
Ideal Sub pairing for Quad 2805s
Did you say the subwoofer brings out the highs and midrange even more? My REL Storm III mates perfectly with Quads. 
Amp recommendation for B&W 801 Matrix SII speakers
You dont need 350 watts for B&W 801 series II speakers. The best I have ever heard them was with Mark Levinson Model 20 class A monos. If you go this route be sure to mate with Levinson preamp. 
sound proof floor - practical examples?
Anything you put under the speakers will change the sound. You may be able to increase volume, but not like the results. 
Boarding school or duct tape?
How does it sound with duct tape? Maybe your daughter is a high end speaker designer in disguise. 
what cables for Krell 300i and Revel M20 suggest
I would try something warm with that combo. Maybe MIT. 
Auvio speaker wire from radio shack?
My friend is a firm believer in the Auvio interconnects. He has not tried the speaker cables. It's all system dependant, so if it works with your system I would go with it. If you have not done so you should try the interconnects also. 
Why aren't there any used Jolida JD9 on the market
Did you try a "Want To Buy" ad? 
ARC tube CD players - Burn in
If the sound continues to be harsh the higher resolution CD player is bringing out deficiencies in your system. 
New Sony Hi Res Coming This Fall
The masters at marketing strike again and everybody falls for it.