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Magnepan .7 Alternatives
rnl997  What part of this do you not understend?  With his system, the way it is tube preamp running into a 10 K load kills the extremes. The same issue will; happen even with different speakers.  that's why I told him to expose the issue by... 
Magnepan .7 Alternatives
Magnepan .7 Alternatives
Problem with system interface! the amp has a10 k input impedance  tube pre amps are not at their best here Get a real amp with a friendly 100 k input impedance  or get a matching pre amp for your solid state amp in the meanwhile take the Blue... 
Is this a sideways move?
I would hold out for a preowned pair of Vandersteens  TreoCTs or save for a bit and make an incredible pairing  Bes JohnnyR   
Is this a sideways move?
TreoCT with your amp will smoke your speakers and room excuses I’ll bet five bucks the other suggesters have never ever heard this pairing. Best, JohnnyR  
Is this a sideways move?
Even in your existing room the TreoCTs Mimas pairing will allow you to experience how great an amp the Aesthetix is that you already own.. JohnnyR        
Hybrid amps with bipolar output
Aesthetix Mimas integrated.   tube /hybrid Bipolar output Made in USA Great sounding product JohnnyR Audio Connection  
Is this a sideways move?
(((My budget is up to $10,000.)))) While i enjoy what your speakers do for what they are the Aesthetix Mimas and the Vandersteen Treo CTs pairing is legendary. I promise it will bring on more of what your mind is longing for.    Best,      John... 
Can an ARC VM220 be upgraded to KT 150 Tubes?
I agree with all of the above!  one area you can take a look at is the 6N1P  and experimenting with some of the older versions.   Best JohnnyR ARC dealer NJ  
Power Cord suggestion(s) for Rogue Cronus Magnum III
Put the two good cables on the Innuos and your Dac  cheers JohnnyR   
Proac D48R
Strongly disagree pass is a vey fine amp but in my experience not at its best with Proacs Please  make sure your able to actually confirm hearing the pairing with the  actual speakers above. cheers JohnnyR     
Euro Tumble
Hey Chuck,\   Grass can be thought to be greener on the other side but i promise you its not. Make sure you have experienced the Latest Vandersteen 2sig3 Made in USA  Laboriously matched to 1/10th of a DB and perform way better then most any Bo... 
Using Adcom GFA-555s as monoblocks to power magnepan 3.3s in active biamp
((((Wow, thanks.  So, another question: is there any harm in running 1 channel of each Adcom?))) that's the ok way if your going to do it. While the Adcom is at its best controlling woofers like some of the infinity speakers In my experience i ... 
best amp for a Maggy 1.7i
((((Currently using a B&K EX-442 Sonata and not satisfied.))))  Take the digital out of the Blue sound in to any pre owned Bryston Dac that you can afford. This will be responsible for another level of realism and detail improvement and then ... 
No frills speaker manufacturers
Vandersteens  Best selling High End speakers of all time Magnepans another great High performer  Best JohnnyR  dealer for both