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Stylus-Drag..Fact or Fiction?
I started a thread years ago inviting people to upload videos of their turntables with the Timeline.  Lots of promises but no one took me up on the challenge.  Here is a link to that thread: 
Review: Pass Labs XA160.8 Amplifier
Thank you hthaller.  That was a very well written and informative comparison review.  You articulate clearly the differences you hear.  I also have all Pass gear and really enjoy my XA160.5.  I preferred them to the XA160.8 with my old Magico Mini... 
Magicos are chesty
My Magico Mini 2 and Q3 never sounded "chesty" to me or anyone who has heard my system.  I listen to a lot of vocals.  I do not have a lot of experience with the S series, having only heard the S1, S5, and S7 at dealerships, but the S5 mk2 at a re... 
Thoughts on VTA......
Raul, why do you write that azimuth always changes with changes in arm height?  I thought the SME V arms and their variants had a bearing offset angle that matches the headshell offset angle which solves this problem.  Older SME arms have bearings... 
Pass Labs amps questions
I directly compared my XA160.5 to a pair of XA160.8 in my system.   I preferred the .5.  It was more natural sounding in my system, more believable with a better sense of presence.  The .8 sounded slightly mechanical, artificial and somewhat flat.... 
Turntable Recommendation 15K budget Avid Acutus, Brinkmann, Oracle, Nottingham,,
Why isn't an SME 20/3 on your list?  I would also consider a Basis.  Both are suspended, are from serious companies with long track records and they sound excellent. 
I know Cdk84 and he lives just down the street. I will inform him of the recent activity in this thread. I know he has two SP10 Mk3s. I helped him mount his SME V-12 arm and Air Tight Supreme cartridge last weekend and he was ordering the correct ... 
Anyone HEARD the qol 'signal completion' device?
Has this technology shown up yet in car and TV audio? I thought that was an intended market segment. 
How to use Feickert Protractor on SME V Tonearm
As far as I know, SME did not assume anything about the cantilever length. They assumed there would be an industry standard horizontal dimension specification of 9.5 mm from the center of the cartridge mounting holes to the stylus tip, regardless ... 
Magico S5 review
I agree. Most Magico speakers need incredible amounts of power into 4 ohms. Much more than you would think. 
Personal Turntable Evolution
Dual model?, 1977Denon 47F, 1982SME Model 10 with V arm, 2003SME Model 30/12 with V-12 arm, 2012My system link has more information about the SMEs. 
Direct drive vs belt vs rim vs idler arm
Congratulations Jason. I knew you would love this table. Another acquaintance just got one with the V-12 arm and AirTight Supreme, and he could not be happier.What cartridge are you using and would you mind describing what you like so much about t... 
Picture Thread
Nice photo of the TechDas. Why the Stillpoint record weight when he has vacuum hold down? 
Direct drive vs belt vs rim vs idler arm
Lewm, I don't know what you think of my SME 30/12, but it is a modern belt-drive, and the motor is mounted on the sub chassis which is separated from the platter by the four suspension towers. This prevents motor vibrations from effecting the plat... 
Picture Thread
Nice photo of your friend Thomas' arm. Never saw one of Raul's arm.