Black Cat Cable's/Coppertone wires are amazing good!

I had recently borrowed from Mike Kay (Audio Archon), who is a retailer of Black Cat Cables, a full loom of the entry level Coppertone IC's and speaker wire.  The Coppertone IC's retail for $200 a pair and a ten foot run of the speaker wire costs $350.  Damn reasonable, indeed.  The materials and quality of build is as good as any cable I have had in my house for review, regardless of cost.  If you want all the details regarding the theory behind these wires you can go to the Black Cat Cable website and read the four superlative reviews on the Coppertone model.

The first aspect that strike me was the beauty of this cable at producing beautiful timbres and colors in the tonality of different instruments.  Next, was a vanishing noise floor that allowed the smallest micro-details to be clearly heard. The Coppertone loom was very balanced throughout all frequencies with an excellent airy top end and a taut/accurate bottom end. Sound-staging was excellent in height/width/depth and layering/placement of individual instruments was precise in this acoustic space.

Finally, the Coppertone cables took my whole system's ability to render a sense of relaxation/ease without out losing any speed, micro-dynamics, or punch was at a higher level then compared to my reference cables.  I have always had a very high level of liquidity in my system.  However, these wires are not just "silky" in their overall presentation, but allowed me to relax into the music and connect with it in an emotional manner that was quite delightful.

Please remember the Coppertone cables are not just good for the money, but are reference level performers that compete with cables that are dramatically more expensive. 


Chris makes good cables, Iam not surprise ..
Teajay are they connected to your ps? How do they compare to the cables we listened on your ps, those cables do have black background and holographic characteristics..
Hey Teajay - Many thanks for the mini-review, didn't expect that...but I'm sure Chris will smile :o)

Hey Bon,

No, the Coppertone loom is in the big downstairs system. Just remember how much you enjoyed that system, with these wires everything is better, plus this subjective aspect of just relaxing almost like hearing what a great SET amp offers without losing dynamics.  

The PS system's wires are very good, but these Black Cat cables are at a higher level.  There's no doubt that I'll be purchasing a full run for this system too.
What a coincidence as I was just looking at their site yesterday.I'm going to add a second subwoofer and hook them up directly from the amp rather than from the preamp as they are now.I'm using Clearday now which I really like, but since Paul is out of the biz now the hunt ensues.
Teajay in your opinion would using the Cleardays on either the speakers (Tektons) or the subs(SVS) along with another brand be detrimental?I'm always up for saving a few $ but not if it's going to sound like hades:)
I have both Coppertone interconnects and Coppertone speaker cables. They are seriously good and I agree wholeheartedly with Teejay.  I have also had a variety of other cables in and out of my system through the years at all price points and I have over the past couple of months directly compared the Coppertones to Cardas Golden Reference (IC's and spkr cables) and A23 (IC's and spkr cables). I have sold the Cardas and I'm on the fence between the Coppertones and the A23. I presently have both tube(Leben) and solid state(Pass) amplifiers and likely will always keep both topologies around. If you don't require balanced connections(since he doesn't make a balanced Coppertone), these are seriously terrific cables and Chris was exceptional to deal with.
Doesn’t surprise me either. Chris knows his craft. 
I use his Tron Digital Cable. Might have to try his speaker cables.
Hi jtcf,

I strongly believe what speaker wire you use to drive your subs does not have to match the wire you use for your main speakers.  However, to drive your main speakers, if I got it right they are Tekton Speakers, the Black Cat Cables would give you a superlative improvement over the Clearday cables.
Thanks Teajay!I'm going to give them a try.
Congrats teajay I’m not surprised either.  I have a pair of his stereolab diablo speaker cables that are very nice and used to have a pair of his 600 series speaker cables, nice also but too short for my setup.   
Hi, happens to the speaker cables and interconnects when they are replaced? Are they put back on the market somewhere as seconds? Thanks.
I have pretty much a complete Black Cat Cable loom in both of my systems and yes they are very good.  I too play in the shallow end with the copper cables such as The Tube and the 3200 series.  

I do find it funny that Teajay gives Coppertone a rave review while his new boss Srajan said he didn't have a system low budget enough to use Coppertone.  
I don't find it surprising at all.  

Comparisons please
I love the way my system sounds but u know how it is , we can’t ever stop. 
My weakest link is my interconnects but I only say weakest because of the price not because of the sound. I am using Shunyata venom between my modded bel canto dac and my LFD NCSE amp driving my harbeth super hl5.
Just got my Coppertone speaker cables today.They've only been running for a couple of hours but they sound great right away.Compared to the Clear Days(R.I.P. Paul) they are so far subtlety 'liquid' as teajay noted.Also a little more air around each instrument and vocalist,a bit deeper soundstage.They don't favor any one frequency and are neutral in that regard.Very,very nice!
They feed Tekton Impact Monitors from an Aric Audio Transcend Push Pull amp.When they settle in over the next few weeks I'll update for whoever is curious.
I’ve been a long time fan of Chris’s Stereovox and Black Cat. If you like the Coppertone wait ‘til you try the 3200 series! The 3202 ic is the best I’ve heard in my setup. It’s as if there’s nothing there to get in the way, if you know what I mean...
His tubular silver designs are also outstanding..
Update on the Coppertones:After around 100 hours the only change I perceive is slightly more detail and a bit richer timbre across all frequencies compared to day one.I really like the touch of liquidity without losing detail.Definitely keepers.

Yo Teajay! Goodonya man! I have a Stereovox XV1 digital cable. A bit too detailed and maybe a little harsh sounding. However, I have no doubt Chris can work some magic with copper. I spoke with him personally and the dude knows his sh*t. I think you just made some audiophiles on a budget mucho happy. Keep up the good work man!

BTW, in speaking with Chris he clued me in to running banana jumpers in addition to my shotgun biwire cables (spades). Yes, you read that right. I was skeptical but I tried it, and DAMN he was dead on balls right. My bass tightened up and soundstage was expanded. I won’t listen without those jumpers anymore. Try it! It’s an uber cheap and effective tweak! Have Chris make you some.
Last year I upgraded my Lectraline XE interconnects and Silverheart speaker cables to the 3200 series and went with the Matrix II cables for my analog chain (the Matrix II are fully shielded) and could not be happier. Chris makes great cables that are a good value and is a super nice guy.
I have heard the Coppertone cables, they are as everyone is saying...superb cables at very reasonable prices.

There are a couple of rave reviews here:
Enjoyed reading this thread. Hoping Teajay or others might share more on the Coppertone's.
I don't own Coppertones but I have a full loom of Black Cat copper cables in both systems:

Redlevel Coeur speaker cables
The Tube! interconnects
3202 interconnects
3232 speaker cables

I don't see any of these models any more in the lineup since Chris has relocated back to the USA, but they are all copper.  If I had to start over again I would go with Coppertone.  I also use one his old Stereolab Master Reference digital cables.  

I don't think about cables any more since I bought them.  If Chris made a power cable I'd probably buy that too.
Have any you compared them to Nordost, Tara, AQ, MIT, Transparent or any other cables (lots of them)?
I was checking out their website, and while quite artistic...  It's pretty brutal from a product information and flow standpoint.  

Reviews seem to be consistently good thus far.  Just wish there was an easier way to figure out their product line-up and CATalog.
@dep14   Funny you should state that, as that was my feeling as well, when I viewed Chris's new web page. Whoever his web designer was, seemed to miss the point of what the web page is about....or maybe not??
Anyhow, the Black Cat cables should be on everyone's short list for audition.
Dave’s f ,I agree.I want to audition the Coppertone as well...
Has anyone compared these Coppertone cables (or any other Black Cat) to Duelund Wire ICs? 
IME the Duelund wire (w/ Duelund plugs) have an excellent organic flow, tone (of course), and present the entire recorded ambient space with realistic volume scaling of the frequency spectrum—accentuating nothing.
 Might these similarly priced IC’s perform similarly, even though there is teflon and nylon used? 

I agree. The website is difficult to navigate and that was a bit discouraging for me. I'd think that a company would want to have the best presence possible. Sort of like putting their best foot forward.
 @yping  Just noticed your question about the Nordost comparison. I own several Nordost cables....and consider them as my reference. When I compared the Nordost Frey cables to the Coppertones, what I was surprised at was how extremely close the two sound. The Frey cables are slightly more dynamic sounding and slightly more extended in the very top frequencies, but we are talking very small differences here! Compared to the Tyr cables that I own, same differences, but more expansion of the dynamic envelope compared to Frey and The Coppertone cables! Considering the major price difference between the two brands, that is a major achievement for the Black Cat Coppertone cables, IMO.