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Cable Modifications
Modify how?  I think Zu will re-terminate their cables if you send them in, but I don't know what they charge. 
Zu Audio Dirty Weekend Loading Resistors Upgrade
Right on, enjoy!  Post back with your impressions. 
Beyond Boutique Speakers
Volti Audio speakers are all made by one guy and he puts his cell phone number on his website. Yet he has a Stereophile review.  That's not boutique?I may have to start a thread of "Beyond Beyond Boutique Speakers", where we list manufacturers tha... 
"Song Exploder" on Netflix
The podcast is great, I will check out the show! 
Zu Audio Dirty Weekend Loading Resistors Upgrade
The TL:DR version... skip the resistors.Long answer, as someone who has used the resistors and owned DW's but has not used them together... the resistors are for amps that like a flatter impedance curve.  I used them with Druid V's.  I got the Dru... 
Honest question about cartridge vs. turntable performance.
This was a pretty neat discussion before veering into belt vs DD.  A lot of interesting points made.My own unscientific opinion is that budget carts sound pretty darn good, and like others have pointed out, they depreciate quickly.  And I've heard... 
SET 45 and their (real) required speaker efficiency
Is the 45 SET you are considering also from Triode Lab, and if so have you reached out to Frank Ng at Triode for speaker recommendations?  He is very helpful in that regard, he's heard his amps with lots of speakers and knows what his customers ar... 
Flexible/Compliant Speaker Cables
Duelund DCA12GA hookup wire sounds great, flexible, not expensive.$16/meter, and you'd need 10 meters (2.5m x 4 runs)I use the 16GA speaker wire with some amps and I love it. 
Which To Choose...Devore Fidelity O/93 vs Zu Soul Supreme ?
Oh, one more thing.  The answer is order the Supremes and take advantage of Zu's 60 day trial.  If you don't like them, send them back and get the DeVores.  Easy peasy. 
Which To Choose...Devore Fidelity O/93 vs Zu Soul Supreme ?
What amp are you using?  I've had 93's and Soul Superflys side by side in my home.O/93: easy to drive, amp friendly, very refined textured midrange, huge soundstage, deep (but loose) bass, needs a bit of space around it, laid back soundSupreme (ba... 
Need more heft
Have you tried playing with the floor gap on the Souls?  Try raising the gap to somewhere between 1/2" to 5/8".  That should give you fuller (but looser) bass, but with your Pass electronics that won't be much of a penalty. 
In Defense of Audiophiles, Bose, Pass, Toole and Science
cd, I didn't say anybody should study basketball stats, but I tell you what, let's trade.  You send me the precise electrical measurements for midrange transparency, and I'll send you the NBA players who were the best this year at defending the pi... 
In Defense of Audiophiles, Bose, Pass, Toole and Science
If I told you Karl-Anthony Towns is just as good as LeBron James because they both averaged the same number of points per game, would you buy that?  What if I went further and said and perceived greatness of LeBron was simply snake oil that you dr... 
In Defense of Audiophiles, Bose, Pass, Toole and Science
"The brain is not a computer, and the ear is not a microphone." - Nelson PassGood post Erik, agree 100% 
Zu Druid vs Tannoy Prestige or Classic.. need your help
I have not heard Tannoys but I do own Druid V's as well as a pair of Coherent Audio floorstanders which like Tannoy use a coaxial driver.  Love 'em both but they do have slightly different presentations.What I think doesn't matter.  What does matt...