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Coherent speakers from Canada
+1 I bought mine from Noam also! 
Coherent speakers from Canada
To update, I've had my Model 10's for about 3 weeks now and I'm thrilled with them.  Amazing clarity and detail, with a full, robust tone.  It's like an open window into recordings now, although as Frank mentions above I can play all types of musi... 
Modding the Zu Omen MKII
What did you use for internal wire and how did you get the binding posts out to rewire them? 
Modding the Zu Omen MKII
Congrats on your mods.  Which x-over caps did you use?  By double x-over caps do you mean using a bypass cap?I'm not a modder but from what I've read Sean will offer lots of ideas to improve Omen performance.  I kind of like the sound of mine as i... 
Coherent speakers from Canada
Received my Coherent Model 10's.  They do not seem to have any trouble integrating into my room.  I only have them pulled out a foot or so from the rear wall and bass does not seem overpowering or boomy at all.  I've only played them a couple days... 
Which Class D Amplifier? PS Audio, Ghent, Nord, Merrill or other???
Check out SPEC of Japan. I absolutely love my SPEC RSA-717EX. Beautiful tone. There are a handful of dealers in the US, I got mine from Pitch Perfect Audio. SPEC makes a few different models but the house sound is the same. Jeff Day nails the soun... 
Coherent speakers from Canada
My room is L-shaped, but the part of the L that my system is on is about 15' wide x 10' deep, with about another 8 x 10' space behind my couch. 
Coherent speakers from Canada
I think charles1dad has Coincident, not Coherent.  I have a pair of Coherent 10's arriving in a week or so, I'll post back with my impressions. 
Zu Audio loading resistors
Nelson Pass recommends it for the SIT-3:https://www.cnet.com/news/high-expectations-for-a-low-power-audiophile-amplifier/The Audiophiliac seemed to think it made a big difference. 
Turntable got absolutely crushed by CD
This thread has turned into a Roseanne Rosannadanna skit:"Dear Chad,Sorry to hear about your experience with vinyl.  Unfortunately your cartridge sucks, your tonearm sucks, your phono stage is trash, your vinyl sucks, you haven't warmed up your sy... 
Best bookshelf speakers
Kosst, your killin’ me. Pick up the latest Stereophile. Don’t even open it. Just flip it over and look at the lovely Focal ad on the back cover.So let me get this straight... John DeVore is an amateur. As are Sean Casey, Keith Aschenbrenner, Andre... 
Best bookshelf speakers
My goodness, reading through this thread I don't think some of you are able to sleep at night without the security of knowing your speakers were designed by a bunch of dudes in white lab coats using a combination of Kevlar, berillyum, adamantium, ... 
What is the most dramatic way of increasing a speaker's Bass and Low mid?
Decware ZROCK2 is exactly what you're looking for.I love mine. 
Capital Audio Fest 2018--show report
Afrobeat jams on Zu... nice!  Sounds like my house. 
Popular DAC that is known for its warm-ish sound?
Get a DAC with good bass & dynamics and then plug it into a Decware ZRock2 to warm it up.  Best of both worlds.