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Cartridge loading
I just read this review and thought of Ralph's comments:http://www.10audio.com/aurorasound_VIDA_Prima.htmJust being curious, I unloaded the Madake by switching the loading to 47k Ohms. WOW! The upper frequencies opened up and became noticeably cle... 
Props to Black Cat Cables
I love Black Cat cables too, but doesn't Cardas also do this? http://www.cardas.com/chassis_wire.php  
Cartridge loading
@atmasphere Is there a measurement on Stereophile or whatever that will show if a phono stage has resistance to RFI and/or good internal stability? Otherwise the only way to know is to compare the sound of a LOMC at say 300 ohms vs 47k, right? 
Cartridge loading
Again: loading has no effect on the sound of a **low output** cartridge- it has everything to do with the stability of the phono preamp. I don't understand this comment... a Manley Steelhead is unstable?  The Steelhead lets you switch loading o... 
Cartridge loading
The Zu Denon is very much a "salt to taste" kind of cartridge when it comes to loading.  When I used one it could indeed sound quite different when using 100/200/300/500/1000 ohms.  And Zu will tell you there is no wrong answer here, just use what... 
Black Cat Cable's/Coppertone wires are amazing good!
The reason I said I would go with Coppertone if starting over is that the first Black Cat cables I bought from Chris was the Redlevel Couer speaker cables, which was his entry level speaker cable at the time.  Those cables are still in a system th... 
Mattresses, not stereos is where the money is
If two mattresses measure the same, will they also sleep the same? 
Vinyl / Digital / and can you have too much information.
A good solid state DAC has a signal to noise ratio of about 120db.  A good tube phono stage has a SNR of about 90db.  Similar ratios exist when you compare solid state amps to tube amps.  Yet lots of people swear by tubes and vinyl.  Short answer ... 
First Watt J2 or F7 for my Omens
Your preamp might be a bigger factor than the pairing with the Omens. J2 has a much higher input impedance than F7, so if you are using a tube pre with high output impedance, J2 might be a better bet.Edit, I see you are using AR LS3... their websi... 
Anybody know what happened at JOB...
I am wondering why Zu does not offer biwiring / biamping options. Because there's no crossover in Zu speakers.  What would be the benefit of biwiring a full range driver? 
Any audiophiles within a couple hours of Des Moines, IA?
I live in DSM 
Zu Druid 6
Def 6?  What happened to Def 5?  Or is Def 5 going to be upgraded Def 4's? 
Your Top Five Blues LPs, SQ-wise...
From a pure SQ standpoint, the best blues album I've heard is the Lightnin' Hopkins album Goin Away SACD on Analogue Productions.  Incredible sound.I do love that Gatemouth Brown Pressure Cooker album mentioned above.For guitar tone, give me the N... 
Iowa Audiophiles
I'm in Des Moines 
Synergestic Black Fuse vs Audio Magic BeesWax
Um yeah, that was kind of my point.