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Zu Druid vs Tannoy Prestige or Classic.. need your help
I have not heard Tannoys but I do own Druid V's as well as a pair of Coherent Audio floorstanders which like Tannoy use a coaxial driver.  Love 'em both but they do have slightly different presentations.What I think doesn't matter.  What does matt... 
If you listen to anything other than Classic Jazz, don't read this.
You might want to consider adding tone controls such as a Schiit Loki, to see what your current system is capable of when given some extra go juice on the low end.You mentioned being able to A/B against your current system.  There are companies li... 
Zu Omen Dirty Weekend Setup tips
Druid V has a much more quieter cabinet as well as the larger 16 ohm driver.  This gives you better tonal resolution with much better attack and more resolving bass.  With the Radian tweeter you also get much more refinement in the high treble.  W... 
Zu Omen Dirty Weekend Setup tips
Glad you like 'em.  I'm a big fan of the rustic hickory finish.  I had DW's in rustic and my Druids are also in rustic hickory with a light rub to make the wood grain pop just a little bit more. 
Zu Omen Dirty Weekend Setup tips
One more note about deep bass on the DW.  Zu bass in general is pretty tight and resolving, more so than most speakers, and yes, sometimes the speakers can sound a bit thin and/or lean on rock.  However IMO Zu's respond very well to EQ.  Before in... 
Zu Omen Dirty Weekend Setup tips
Congrats.  DW's are relatively easy to setup but there are some things you can do to dial them in.1. Floor gap: Zu recommends a quarter inch (CD jewel case width), I like to go larger, about 5/8" for a fuller bass sound.  Start with Zu's guideline... 
How do I get the "most" out of a speakers that are rated for 12 ohms?
Your amp is probably putting out about 100 watts into the Omens, which is plenty.I am not surprised you did not hear a difference with the snubbers installed.  Omens are not that picky about amps.  The purpose of the snubbers are to flatten the im... 
Speaker cable recommendations in my budget
+1 on Duelund DCA16GA hookup wire. For a sub-$200 budget you’re not going to beat it.Go read the Audio Beatnik review. He came *this* close to getting rid of his 5-figure cables after using it. 
The “They are here” vs “You are there” sound topic
You are there: very expansive soundstage, feels like you can visualize the recording space.  First speaker example that comes to mind is DeVore.They are here: forward presentation, very solid, focused images, such that the performer feels physical... 
What is the most FUN pair of speakers you've ever had and why?
If they would still be “the most fun” why have something else?   Good question, and I have thought about this many times.  There is an argument to be made that the most fun speaker is the one you should keep.  I think for many responses includi... 
Stereophile, Pass Integrated and personal taste
I think Nelson's listening room is awesome and I would trade gear with him in a heartbeat. 
Help me understand John Coltrane .... seriously.
Erik,Might help to mention what jazz you DO like.For a Trane newbie, I'd suggest Ascension. I'm joking.I'd try these in order:Lush Life (Prestige)Coltrane Plays The Blues (Atlantic)My Favorite Things (Atlantic)Bags And Trane (Atlantic)"My Favori... 
Zu Speakers with Clarity Cap upgrade vs standard
Yes I’ve done it. Easy to do and although I’m hesitant to say significant, the difference was noticeable. Well worth the cost. 
What is the most FUN pair of speakers you've ever had and why?
I'll second Omen Dirty Weekends.  Easily the most fun speakers I owned.  Big tone, great dynamics. Even though I still own other Zu models there are days I wish I hadn't sold mine. 
What's up with TMR Audio?
I placed an order with TMR this last Sunday and it shipped Monday.  My guess is that my item had factory packaging to ship in.  If they have to create custom packaging for the OP it could cause a slight delay in shipment.