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Powered speakers show audiophiles are confused
Congrats on your 23 speakers.  
OHM 3XO Factory Rebuild
@johndel1960  I get the tubes thing.  I tend to like some of that sound also.  I've used a tubed pre-amp with a solid state amp sometimes.  But I just downgraded my electronics a bit to use the cash somewhere else.  So, I am running some Nelson P... 
OHM 3XO Factory Rebuild
I am a big fan of OHM’s. In fact I just refurbed a set of Walsh 5 LE’s using the latest 5.5000 drivers.   In reading through your post. A couple of thoughts. It sounds like you still have the same woofers as they just replaced the surrounds. Wit... 
What speakers have you mistakenly let go and then later repurchased?
Ohm walsh 5000  
Ohm Acoustic Corp., Brooklyn NY
@ulrichr  Whatever you like best will do the job.  The 4s11 uses the star quad winding, which can help with EF. That said, those Monster M1's are doing the job just as well.   Unless you need longer cables, keep the Monsters and spend the money... 
10k Towers with biggest soundstage?
I love a big soundstage.  Exagerrated in fact at times.   I've owned a ton of speakers over the years from horns to bi-polar, to semi-omnipolar.  (Various Klipsch, Energy, OHM's, Salk, NHT, Spatial, JBL and a few others over the years) Currently... 
Ohm Acoustic Corp., Brooklyn NY
@ulrichr  I would just get some canare 4s11 speaker cable and call it good.  If you want it to look fancy, find a seller that puts a slick jacket on it.  
Pass XA 25 and Goldenear Triton Reference
I think you would be Ok, but man if you could swing the INT-60, you might be in heaven.  That 60 has a ton of juice, and with the powered woofers… could be an outstanding combo.      
what headphones work for sports and activities?
I’m actually a big fan of the Bose sound sport wireless when exercising. Great support also. I use the ones with a wire between them in a bright color in case of a crash when mountain biking. Makes them easier to find and I can pull one out to tal... 
Ohm Acoustic Corp., Brooklyn NY
All part of the uniqueness that is OHM Acoustics.   John and Evan are quite possibly the most type "B" business owners and managers that I've encountered.  They can be a bit slow, very laid back and they don't always sweat the details.   Flip si... 
Are the Paradigm Founder Series really, really good speakers?
I don't often like Paradigm, or agree with @audiotroy. But I've demo'd the 100's a couple times now.  Easily the most impressed I've been with a Paradigm speaker in years, maybe ever.  Not perfect, but even the bass from those triple 7's - damn g... 
Mcintosh MC462 versus Luxman M10X
@jeffreyw    Just curious where you feel the build quality differences are between the 462 and the Luxman gear. Mc462 is an extremely powerful, and contrary to others beliefs, neutral amp.  I find it more neutral than my previous Pass Labs.  It... 
How to tell McIntosh MC452 and MC462 difference
Well, the unscrupulous people would have to go to the trouble to replace the glass on the front, since the model number is right on the front below McIntosh.    
McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer
I’ll let Mike Campbell speak for me on this.        
Big Below 15k used that can play loud as heck
Legacy Focus SE JBL M2’s Tekton Ohm 5000’s, or their F5’s (or the predecessors to the F5’s)