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Audio envy - dang!
@lalitk  I've noticed that PD before. Looks like a great piece. I sent you over more info on AE that may be helpful. In the end, I'd probably ask Cap about the correct pairing of power cord for the PD. Later  
Audio envy - dang!
I've had an Expanded for a few months and I'm getting the same results as well.  
My Final System Build in Words & Pictures
@bigtwin  Thanks for the detailed update. Will be very interested to read about your new home and room! Cheers  
Network optimization for serious streamers
@tonywinga  Thanks for sharing! Very interesting stuff. I understand you spoke about the 'silver plated wire' in anonymity, but I'm not sure who sells Network cables that have this topology, except I am assuming Nordost does. Do you mind sharing... 
My Final System Build in Words & Pictures
I've read this thread through twice now. What a great detailed account of the thought processes involved and the culmination of a finished system (mostly I guess). I am sure that the discussions of your interactions with dealers was not only helpf... 
My Final System Build in Words & Pictures
Do like the clean look of your latest equipment placement. Must sound amazing!  
Aurender Conductor app reliability and user experience
@lalitk  @robertkpax  Like lalitk says, Conductor does what it is supposed to do and it does it with ease. Unlike lalitk, I've only been using my N10 for five years, but it has been pretty uneventful. The only problem I've had was found to be th... 
The Audiophile's Wife
Hoping for a new TAW post. I like brownies.  
My Final System Build in Words & Pictures
@bigtwin  Thank you so much for sharing your system with us. This is exactly the Audiogon I’ve been missing; people sharing and interacting with one another in such a cordial and friendly manner. Rock on my friend!  
My Final System Build in Words & Pictures
@mahgister  Good to see you! I’m not around here that much lately, but nice to read your positive comments on this positively inspiring post. Regards   
DAC Shootout Starts This Weekend
@willgolf  "You only live once." Couldn't agree with you more. Hope that your Aries Cerat system overwhelms you with totally amazing sound. Cheers  
Ethernet switches the good and bad
It is sad that some only show up to throw mud. A different tack may be to give some of these items a try. If your system is fairly resolving, you'll be able to hear the improvement, and then you'll also be able to comment on what they do and if it... 
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
@nyev Some use plumbers Teflon tape and find it works well. It also has an infinitely lower cost. Regards   BTW - great wrap up!  
Advice on how to liquidate system
@jl1ny  Glad to read your optimistic report. You can and will push through this and I'm hoping that you'll come out much stronger on the other side. Do take all the caring advice provided in this thread into consideration and do what you think is... 
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
@nyev  @lalitk    Interesting posts, thanks for sharing.