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@lak  Just curious what Hijiri Nagomi cables (power, SC, IC) were compared to Zavfino and what model Zavfino was compared to the Nagomi. Would you mind stating what differences you hear and what you thought was better? I've had Audio Envy P and ... 
A different world
@ghdprentice  Weird on your EtherREGEN experience. I found that it works quite well; then added a Paul Hynes LPS - nearly as good as the ER; then have been through four different Network cables and found more there as well. Also moved to fiber in... 
A different world
Not to steal lalitk's thunder, but just go look at his system by clicking on his user name. I've looked at his system many times; it must be pretty amazing sound with his attention to detail in how he puts systems together.  
Wadax Reference Dac and Reference Server--arrived in my room.
@sns  "Perfect sound forever used to be a joke, maybe not so much a joke anymore." Fully agreed. @mikelavigne  Mike, thanks for starting this thread. My system is only digital and it gets better, most times, after an upgrade. I'm enjoying the p... 
A different world
I don't want to speak for @ghdprentice, but when you add a song or album in Tidal, there is no cost. But you must maintain the membership cost to keep the list. I'm a total cost of ownership kinda guy, but I got over that very quickly and would sk... 
I haven't read the whole thread, neither the one that was recently deleted. But you can see that Kevn has a lifetime interest in the tube audio hobby. If you live in SoCal, you owe it to yourself to go visit and hear for yourself; I'd recommend a ... 
A different world
Great thread. I started streaming in my main rig a little over three years ago (almost all components and speakers new at that time). I've found that in a good system, everything makes a difference; streamer, DAC, network cables, power cables, ne... 
The Audiophile's Wife
The Audiophile's Wife
Not sure why I only discovered this around Christmas of 2021, but sure glad I did. Love the concise "knowing" of The Audiophile's wife! Slowly getting through all her delightful posts; if you hear me laugh while I'm listening to music, you know why.  
Best speakers around $130k?
@bobvin  As Bob and others have stated, it is the OPs prerogative as to how they spend their hard-earned capital. It is unbecoming of those on an audio forum to be pejorative or cast aspersions on those who choose to spend what said folks deem as... 
Is Pretty Good Good Enough? Listening Habits In The World Of Streaming Services.
Bought a new system three years ago that included an Aurender N10. I've gone down the rabbit hole, never to return. Been giving away large handfuls of CDs and needing to get hundreds more out plus two CD towers. If you have a good internet connect... 
Two of the most powerful words ever
That's how you get to the next level, on pretty much everything.  
@soix  Interesting comment. Thanks for sharing that it is even better to use jumpers with a bi-wire cable. May just try that some day.  
@ozzy  That was helpful. Don't want an extremely stiff cable. But others in their line are not as stiff, at least that is my impression.  
Where are you both using the Silver Dart? Source, amp, etc.