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Why you want upsampling and upconversion in a server and why it sounds way better!
I’ve dabbled in upsampling with Roon and my Lumin D1 with mixed results.  Some music sounded a little better upsampled to 96khz, but not really worth getting excited about.  No real difference beyond that in frequency.  However having Roon send th... 
Streamer + DAC or streamer/dac all in one?
The lumin d1 outperformed benchmark and chord dacs in my setup.  Don’t discount having a one box solution.  Dac tech has slowed down while streamer tech seems to be seeing the most room for improvement.  That lumin humiliated the blue sound I was ... 
Pass Labs and Fuses
To some people it is more important to think they are right than to experience and learn something.  Know it alls don’t accept things they may not understand.   
And yet another of our heroes passes into the night, RIP Ginger Baker!
Hanging out with Moon, Bonham and all the rest. No having to deal with trying  to cancel your cable TV subscription or traffic.Doubt that.  Based on that wapo article, he thought those guys were hacks and was insulted they would be mentioned in th... 
(Brutally) Honest Audio Reviews
Because some of you have insightful contributions.  Now get off my lawn. 
(Brutally) Honest Audio Reviews
Better than much of the fluff out there from certain sites and “reviewers”.  And definitely more useful than most of the posts found here. 
Power amps into surge protector/Conditioner or DIRECT to wall? Final verdict?
Badum Tzz 
Black Cat Cable's/Coppertone wires are amazing good!
I don't find it surprising at all.   
I'd like to upgrade my speaker wire
Mogami 3103 from takefiveaudio.  I cannot see how you can do better than that at that price for your system.  Others may not agree.I have the duelund and it is great but I think the mogami is a better solution in this case.   
Anyone ever opened MIT cables?
Piet's question was from the November 2000.  Grbwitt brought it back from the dead.   
Mind over matter
I've followed a number of your recent threads so I am familiar with your particular journey.  You've assembled a wonderful system.  Congrats on being content.  It is something some will never achieve. 
Perfect Path Tecnologies ‘The Gate’
Fonzie really soared over that shark with that last post Frank. 
Perfect Path Tecnologies ‘The Gate’
Unless this company indicates the safety of their product as indicated in @folkfreak  posting, (did any of you look at them) proof of safety testing and operating voltages, anyone who installs one of these will be on their own if it takes their ho... 
Any one try the new Synergistic Research BLUE UEF Duplex receptacle?
Anyone who wants to see if customizing a wall socket makes a difference or not, keep your current wall outlet, but stick some strips of fo.Q TA-102 (from Japan via eBay) tape on it. Cover it as much as desired. Total cost about $10 worth of the ... 
Cartridge distorting progressively during playback
Thanks @pops , I'll check out that thread.  I won't have a chance to get to the dealer until the weekend so that will give me some more time to troubleshoot.@noromance , no problems laughing about it.  Just not how I planned to spend Sunday aftern...