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Audiomods Tonearm.....
@williewonka I absolutely love mine. I don't think I've heard another tonearm that provides the level of performance that the Audiomods 6 does in its price range. If you look at what you're getting: carbon fiber wand, VTA on the fly, silver litz w... 
Sugden/Allnic or Luxman L-509X?
I would definitely go the upgrade amp route first, whether that's Luxman, Line Magnetic, or the other brands you mentioned. While the Allnic is no doubt a world-class phono stage (I want one too) I feel that it may cause an imbalance if the rest o... 
SUT Advice - Which Ones Are The Best?
I only have limited experience with SUT's, auditioned an Ortofon SUT once but unfortunately, there was a gain mismatch with my then AT33 PTGii cart so I wasn't convinced that adding one would be an advantage. Then, a very experienced audio buddy o... 
Graceline cable from Black Cat cables
@daveyf Good grief, you make a convincing argument. I will probably go with speaker cables first, thanks! 
Graceline cable from Black Cat cables
Hi @daveyf  I'm really interested in the Graceline L1 Speaker Cable. Currently using a complete Coppertone flatwave loom. When you say the Graceline is more refined and resolving, is it far from the Coppertone's performance?   
Best bookshelf loudspeakers under 10,000 for the pair
If you can stretch your budget a bit the Dynaudio Confidence 20 is $12,999. I'm not keen on its sci-fi aesthetics and the stand doesn't look proportionate to the speaker but if I were to ever win the lottery those would be my pick for sure. 
Black Cat Cable's/Coppertone wires are amazing good!
I believe the Coppertone's benefit from break-in. After 10-12 hours of use, the sound opened up a bit more. Out of the box, it was already open and airy sounding but yesterday it seems to have settled in and it sounds amazing! The IC cable it repl... 
Black Cat Cable's/Coppertone wires are amazing good!
Hi @daveyf okay thanks, it does sound great out of the box already. 
Black Cat Cable's/Coppertone wires are amazing good!
I received my Coppertone IC yesterday and I’ve only listened for a couple of hours but they’re really good! I played Bill Evans -Waltz for Debby and heard coughing and murmuring in the background that I hadn’t heard before. Cymbals sound lifelike ... 
Power cable
@luvrockin I also suggest looking into Furutech bulk cables with your choice of Furu Gold or Rhodium AC and IEC plugs, the price to performance offering is pretty hard to beat. Furutech products are made extremely well, good luck and have fun. 
Props to Black Cat Cables
Sure will do. Replacing a Transparent Music Link RCA from my tube phono pre to my integrated. I'm very happy with the Music Link RCA from DAC to integrated but in the analog chain, I feel like it needs a different flavor. Fingers crossed it will g... 
Props to Black Cat Cables
I just placed an order for a Coppertone IC from the Black Cat website. 1-3 weeks lead time for production, very excited! 
Best sounding universal player (CD, DVD-A, SACD)
Hi @daveyf any feedback on your findings with regard to the Black Cat Silverstar? 
Props to Black Cat Cables
I’m very interested in trying the Coppertone speaker cables and IC’s based on the reviews and its pricing. I agree its refreshing to show the wiggly wire, I tip my hat to Chris and I hope to get his cables soon. 
Ethernet Cable Question ?
Okay, I'll experiment and revert back with my findings.