Beautiful Vocals...

I'd like to nominate the most beautiful woman vocals that not only look stunning but sing super great!

My list is from Middle East:

1 will always be Ofra Haza -- Israel(died in 2002)
2 Nancy Ajram -- Lebanon
3 Haifa Wahab -- Lebanon

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1. Grace Potter-USA
2. Joss Stone-England
3. Margo Timmons-Canada
**** Yoko Ono-Japan ****
Soroya-not sure, but great
Carly Simon
Emmylou Harris
Bonnie Raitt
Annie Lennox
Cristina Branco
Nicolette Larson
Alison Krauss and Holly Cole top my list for straight beautiful vocals, and I'll add Linda Ronstadt's work on her big band albums.
Sarah Brightman - UK
Simone Simons - Netherlands
Jennifer Warnes, and if you love a little grit, Susan Tedeschi.
Maria Rita (Brazil)
Shingai Shoniwa (UK - Noisettes)
Cat Power (US)
Melody Gardot
Carlie The Horseface Simon!
You fools are to young to remember the greatest singer who was drop-dead beautiful !

I'm young(40's), but watch lots of classic movies. Her voice and tembre is great and pleasant but she's been always singing easy vocal parts suitable for any amateur person. Her main occupation is an actress and ability to sing with nice tembre and voice is just an incentive to it.

This is one of better examples of classic performers in both ways(beauty and skill of singer) IMHO:
Astrud Gilberto, Connie Evingson, Karrin Allyson,
Christina Aguilera
Kate & Anna McGarrigle
Leslie Mendelson
Nancy Griffith
Jazdoc. Way to go with the Maria Rita plug. I thought I was the only one on Agon who had a clue. I have Segundo,Samba Meu and Elo and love them all. Samba Meu is a little heavy on the Cuica.

I also enjoy her mothers work, my favorite being Ellis & Tom with Antonio Carlos Jobim.
Roseann Barr
Barbara Streisand - give it a try

Lisa Fisher - backup singer for the Stones, wish she would make an album
I'm old and saw her in person,Julie London was a singer who did a lot of acting. Babs could not carry her music, or a tune for that matter.
I have a brother in law is a very famous jazz pianist, Julis is VERY well thought of among jazz folk, many say no singer had better timing, hit every note just where it should be hit.
Obviously, she didn't sing jazz in a movie, get a CD and listen with an open, not empty mind.
While a lot of the music that she is most often identified with was, shall we say, of a different era, in my entirely subjective opinion Connie Francis had the best overall combination of voice, talent, looks, and versatility (recording numerous genres in approximately 15 different languages) of any popular (non-classical, non-opera) female singer I have ever heard.

While a sentimental ballad such as "Al Di La" will certainly not be everyone's cup of tea, try to imagine it being done more perfectly than in this 1964 live performance, I believe on the Ed Sullivan TV show.


-- Al
I knew I recognized that name from somewhere so I just googled it. Julie London played a nurse in the weekly TV show "Emergency", my wife's favorite at the time. I wasn't aware she was a singer, but I sure didn't overlook her other attributes.
Jennifer Warnes, Margot Timmens, Melody Gardot
Grace Potter's accapela segment of 'Down By the Water' .

Happy Tunes
Linda Rondstadt on her early stuff like "Heart Like A Wheel" and "Don't Cry Now" should be listened to.