Basis Audio Fans

Has anyone had any contact or dealings with Basis since A.J.'s untimely passing?  I don't hear much about them on the forums or in the press lately.  I own 2 of his tables and a vector 4 tonearm.  Truly great stuff, hope the business goes forward...
I have not, though I have understood that the family was keeping the business running, save for the Work of Art TT, which apparently was AJ's baby (a friend of mine had ordered one and told me that he had to cancel for that reason).  Nice thing about Basis products is that they are built to last
I just bought used my first Basis product, the Reflex audio clamp and I,m already a fan, very well made!
Awaiting for feedback on the Basis Transcendence.  Finally, a design they are releasing without so much acrylic.  Between this and the Dohmann Helix, difficult choice.  Might eventually have to sell the Micro Seiki :)   
I have a 1400 and the service after AJ’s unfortunate passing has been wonderful !
very responsive to requests and help

Great to hear tomic601.  
Yes, I sent my motor, bearing and platter in for a checkup and they were excellent to deal with. Fast and responsive. Great products and a great company for service.