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Importance of phase and timing optimization when incorporating sub woofers ?
I started a thread a while back with similar concerns, and opinions were all over the place, as it seems they are here.Most opinions were against the notion that phase and time were important when setting up a sub, or multiple subs for 2-channel m... 
Phono's $2100 to $2600
I had a Chinook and Zesto 1.2 for several months and favored the Zesto by a fair margin. I sold the Chinook.I now have the Zesto and just received the Allnic H1202 which I’ve been using almost nonstop since it arrived a few days ago.The Allnic is ... 
Seriously considering tube preamp…opinions?
Aesthetix Calypso is a great buy and you can snag one for under $2500if you can stretch your budget then look at Allnic Audio. They have the reputation of being bulletproof and the one I just bought a while back sounds fantastic. 
Phonostage comparisons
I found the Manley Chinook to have that full-bodied tube sound that you’re looking for.  
Recent upgrade to Cronus Magnum
Just my two pennies worth, your description of the Cronus is exactly what I heard from a Primaluna integrated a little while ago, so I’d think twice about including that as a possible replacement. 
Subwoofers and Phase Question For You Sub Experts
@m-db Rooze, way off topic questions.What model phono cartridge are you using and what did the Zesto Audio Andros bring to your setup?mUsing a ZYX Ultimate and the Zesto is great!! Actually just posted a brief review of it earlier today... maybe y... 
Subwoofers and Phase Question For You Sub Experts
Wow this has turned into a great thread. I was a little concerned about it going off the rails early on, but it hasn't.Thanks to everyone who has chimed in so far and keep the ideas coming.My take away so far is mostly derived from an earlier post... 
Subwoofers and Phase Question For You Sub Experts
@audiozenologyI have them crossed around 60hz but I’ve experimented quite a bit with different settings. My room size is part of the issue, 17x16 x 8.5 ‘Point taken about bass arrays and the mic investment.cheersRooze 
Subwoofers and Phase Question For You Sub Experts
@millercarbon”Mains are Talon Khorus X. Not that it matters”It matters to me, or I wouldn’t have asked. 
Subwoofers and Phase Question For You Sub Experts
@jaytor great suggestions, thanks. I had a set of the Carver Amazing Platinums with their open baffle bass system and though blending with the ribbon was flawed, the bass could be made to sound very good. I’m familiar with the GT Audioworks subs h... 
Subwoofers and Phase Question For You Sub Experts
@gdnrbobThanks for your input. I’ve been tempted by the Vandy approach a few times over the years but I’ve never pulled the trigger on a pair. I think I’ve been put off a little by the need for placing an extra crossover in line. At least that’s h... 
Subwoofers and Phase Question For You Sub Experts
@millercarbon thanks for the informative and entertaining post.Just for a bit of context, I sold a pair of full range speakers last week that didn’t really need subs. The Dunlavy 3 is a great speaker that will cover well until I reinvest in new sp... 
Subwoofers and Phase Question For You Sub Experts
Thanks guys ^^Erik’s first post got me interested in the miniDSP, which I’ve heard of many times but never really followed up with any research. I’m not sure it would be a fit for my system, though it sure as heck sounds tempting. I do a fair amou... 
Music Hall MMF 9.3 upgrades
Oracle make a good upgrade kit for the 9cc Evo.I have it on my MMF-11, it’s a small attachment that’s easy to install and dampens vibrations from the armwand.I paid around $170 with shipping. 
Review of STi5 server (Small Green Computer) and Signature Series Rendu renderer (Sonore)
Thanks for the great review.Getting the source right ahead of anything else is the right place to start.