alternative to maggies?

help - i have & love my maggie 3 series speakers - but i have a cat problem & have read & tried to resolve it various ways. if i must search for an alternative speaker to satisfy me like my maggies & you also love the maggies what speakers costing no more should i try to listen to to satisfy the beauty of something that otherwise don't need fixing? i listen mainly to rock & jazz. i don't just want speakers which sound really good but that sound really good = lively airy spacious etc compared in the same room as maggie 3.5, 3.6 or 3.7's.
I use this $75 scratching post . Because the post is tall enough to allow the cat a full stretch (which is what your Maggies do) and the post doesn't tip over, my cats seem to prefer using it. In fact, one of my cat will jump to the top of the post 3 inch square and balance on it. This saved my Opera Plateas.

Why not try Martin Logan electrostats. Some people think they are even more open and airy than maggies and they do not have fabric socks over them so no cat issues.

Possibilities in box speakers would be: ATC, Spendor, Theil. These speakers are very open and airy sounding.
1. Get a Dog, loose the cat
2. Declaw the cat
3. Seriously, nothing else does what Maggies do for the same amount of money. I would try to find a stand mounted monitor that you really like. Maybe a pair of Sonus Faber Cremonas would do it for me, but I don't see them as rock speakers. Floor standers with fronts all the way to the bottom suffer the same abuse.
4.Back when I had cats, I had ADS speakers with the metal grills. I don't know if any modern speakers have metal grills, but maybe picking up a well cared for pair of 1290's or 1590's would work. They will be decent rock speakers, even though they are old.
Meadowlark's latest series before folding. I owned the Kestrel 2's before switching to Maggies. Great sounding speakers (excellent for jazz), but will probably need to add sub(s) for bass on rock (same as Maggies).
The Gallo Reference series are very good speakers and throw up a very lifelike soundstage. Additionally, unlike the Maggies, their dispersion is much greater resulting in a much wider sweet-spot. Read the reviews, these are world-class speakers...

There might be more ways to skin a cat, than alternatives to Maggies. :-) I don't know if these will help your problem, but perhaps Eminent Technology LFT's or Museatex Audio Systems MEL's?
I would try Rich's suggestion first, and if that doesn't work you could replace the socks with Pet Screen (no kidding!). It's easy to work with, looks almost like Apogee grill cloth, and the stuff is nearly acoustically transparent, but most of all, itÂ’s just about indestructible and is undesirable to cats. Best of luck!
I wonder if you got some plastic mesh (google on "Deer Fencing"), about 1"-square, and put it on the front side of your Maggies, PLUS got the scratching post mentioned above, whether that would do the trick. Rub some cat nip on the post. The deer fencing is black, so it may not even be noticeable. Get it at a mesh size and toughness that the cats will not like. Use plastic rather than metal - I'd guess - due tot he magnets in the Maggies? Anyhow, after a while, once the cats prefer the post, you may be able to remove it entirely.
You can cover the speakers with the original plastic bags that came with your speakers when you are not using them. Cats hate the crinkling sound of the plastic and stay away. Eventually the cats will stay away all together even when the plastic bags are removed.
King Sound Kings are a superb electrostatic with incredible bass response too for and electrostatic speaker. Friend of mine drives his with a VAC 110watt/channel integrated and they sound amazing! Very realistic price too. Very similar to the Maggies with the speed and openness, but the Kings have better bass in my experience listening to both.
If you want a speaker that sounds better than the maggies for about the same price as a used pair of 3.6s, buy the GMA Continuum 3s on Agon right now. Green Mountain Audio speakers have that boxless sound that maggies have, with better dynamics and deeper and better defined bass.

I have owned modded 1.6s and stock 3.5rs, and they are indeed good speakers. But the C3s do that and take it up a notch.

So that is my recommendation.

Emerald Physics! I have owned the CS-3's and now the CS 2.3's. Open like Maggies but with much better dynamics.
ty all for the suggestions. glory & hoopster win the prize for their ideas but i guess it's gonna come down to plastic bags. my only concern is being careful to not pull over & on or over & off the bags & damaging the ribbons.
I guess it's nice you found a solution. But you are missing out on a pair of far superior speakers that cost less on the used market than a brand new pair of 3.6s or 3.7s.

Good luck!

Have you considered replacing the grill cloths with metal grill? Try McMaster Carr, you should be able to find a relatively transparent sounding screen material that you could attach to the maggies.
i ended up cutting out centers of clear rubberized carpet runners & placing them upside down surrounding the speaker base - teats up, to discourage anything with barefeet getting too close to them. sadly or happily, unsure as yet, i sold the speakers last week & need new maggies or other speakers i can live with.
I own a pair of Ohm Walsh 2000s. Many who have owned Maggies feel the Ohms come pretty close to the Maggie speed and timbre, but with more extension in the bass, and less fussy set-up. Plus, the only part of a Walsh tower that would appeal to a cat sits high atop the tower. The bottom 80% of the tower is solid wood. Check with A'goner Mapman - I think he owns both Ohms and Maggies.