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Can someone help me decide between an amp and an integrated amp?
Well my man, you have opened a can of worms. Here is my two cents, in general, separates sound better given similar build quality. Different power supplies running pre and amp make a difference. I prefer dual mono amps to a single amp for better s... 
Who makes this Pre-amp?
rx8manVery little information on the vuja de website. Also their price points are a bit beyond me. I am looking at $3K or so max. The Don Sachs or DeHavilland look to be my alternatives. 
Who makes this Pre-amp?
I have a Mapletree 2A SE with tube rectification. That’s where I got a love of the octal tube. Just want to see if I can move up with this type of pre and add a remote. 
Who makes this Pre-amp?
Thanks for the responses. Do either of you own one of these? DeHavilland I am familiar with though have never heard one. The Custom I was not familiar with but looks right up my alley. 
Belles 350A Reference Preamp Choices
Koetsu Rosewood - Best/safest way to clean stylus
IMHO, you should stop doing what you are doing. I would recommend you use Onzow Zero Dust to "dip" your needle in. All you have to do is lower the cartridge into the Onzow and straight back up. Then brush the needle from back to front (very import... 
Luxman 507uXi vs. Luxman 507uXii
Astelmaszek et. al,"There is a bit more to that than that. I've had both. Recently sold the 505 and replaced it with 507. The preamp section of the 507uX is better as is the output stage. How much better? Depends on the speaker. Not much of a diff... 
Luxman 507uXi vs. Luxman 507uXii
I had noticed the 505 does not double into 4 ohms. I am running 4 ohm 86db efficient speakers so doubling into 4 ohms is an important consideration for me if I go back to SS. 
Luxman 507uXi vs. Luxman 507uXii
@erik_squires Mike did tell me they were awfully close. It was another dealer who was told me the ii was much better. Mike said if you A/B them you would be hard pressed to tell the difference. I think I am going to sit tight for a while unless a ... 
Luxman 507uXi vs. Luxman 507uXii
@astelmaszek Hey, ship me a quad of those for some quality control testing, lol! I have some RFTs and Siemens. I like the Siemens best but the RFTs sound pretty darn good.  I’ll bet those Amperex are the bomb! Hold on a few more years and you can ... 
Luxman 507uXi vs. Luxman 507uXii
astelmaszekThanks for your response. Exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately I seemed to have shuffled my feet and lost my seat. Mike sold the last one yesterday. Hey, I like that tube buffer idea. I am now a tube guy and love the sound. I a... 
Luxman 507uXi vs. Luxman 507uXii
dpac996 of course you are right about dealer speak 
Anyone in the Mid-South have Tektons (Double Impact, Electron or Double Impact Monitors)?
david_tenYou are definitely close enough to make the trip. I'm about 5 hours to NOLA. Would also give me an excuse to go to Jacques-Imos! I will PM you, maybe we can set something up in the near future.walersalasYou are definitely farther, probabl... 
Review: Verbatim Cable Interconnect Interconnect
Anyone heard anything about Paul Garner recently? Any contact info available? 
Tell me about the Ortolan Cadenza Black
I heard on a Merrill Williams TT with a new 9 inch Ortofon arm at George Merrill's shop. It was very, very nice with a good balance between warmth and detail. Excellent soundstage. It was a bit higher than my price range and I settled for a Cadenz...