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Review: Odyssey Audio Lorelei Speaker
I have heard them before at an audio show and I was impressed! 
Digitizing Vinyl; Suggestions Please
I compared the benchmark and the ayre a2d, and the ayre was audibly better. Benchmark was also good though.  
got to visit Ayre yesterday
Agreed. Nothing but positive experiences. Totally reliable and well built gear. 
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Preamp....anyone familiar?
I had the Herron for a while but preferred my Einstein Turntables Choice MC preamp. I wanted to prefer the herron because it has more flexibility in terms of two inputs. But for an MC cartridge, the Einstein was more articulate. I have heard that ... 
AudioQuest Niagara 1000
I thought somebody mentioned that the unit has two bags of outlets, one for digital one for analog. I do not see that. Does the manual discuss the issue of mixing digital and analog outlets on the same circuit? 
Seeking Streaming Receiver Recommendations
We set up the Integra yesterday and my friend is stoked! I cannot believe how much functionality one can you get for not very much money, $350 refurbished. Truly amazing the doors this networked receiver can open! I cannot comment really on sound ... 
Who and what are BEL/Bell Labs amplifiers
I just purchased a v3. Anybody know what the vintage of a v3 would be?  It works fine, but I'm wondering about replacing the caps at some point.  Thanks, Peter 
Seeking Streaming Receiver Recommendations
Thanks everyone for your input! @soix - I would have gone for the Yamaha, but it turned out that the shelf space they had for the receiver was limited in depth (13"), and there were few 2-channel networked units that would fit that space.  A 50wpc... 
Seeking Streaming Receiver Recommendations
Thanks @soix   I would definitely have gone for the Yamaha (the 2-channel version), but it turns out the depth is to big - their shelf is not big enough. The 2-ch Marantz has a smaller form factor, but it is only 50 wpc, which I think is on the lo... 
Seeking Streaming Receiver Recommendations
Thanks MC - very reasonable advice, but not going to happen.  We live in a remote town, no nearby options. That's why I want recommendations for something that is going to be a good bet from the start. I would like to get something with 60-100 wpc... 
Streaming vs. CD
I stream on my bedroom system via Tidal using a a Node2 into a Benchmark DAC3. I also play cd rips off a NAS drive. To me, the ripped files sound better than the Tidal stream, MQA included. I’m wondering if something is wrong with my Node2 setting... 
Aurender vs. Roon
Anybody else do what @rbstehno has done?  I'm interested in doing the same, as I have a tricked out mac mini and a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC with a Bridge II for ethernet connection.  The Mac Mini is mid 2011 with a 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5... 
Used 5ch Amp (Classe, Krell, Rotel)
I agree with soix. That is the configuration I use. 
Lightning quick DYNAMIC amp in the under $1000 range
OMG - my recommendations are so far above emotiva, outlaw, etc.  Different class altogether. 
Lightning quick DYNAMIC amp in the under $1000 range
 I have owned the Stratus, and while I think it’s an excellent amplifier, I would not call it fast. I think the BEL and the Aragon would be better in that regard.