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Roon for high end audio?
If you have a USB DAC, can you just take USB off of your room core and feed it directly to the DAC? Or do you need an endpoint in between? I have a hollo May dac that has USB input. 
Speaker Road Trip
If you are going to buy the Dali’s, I think you should get them from the dealer. Not just because of the opportunity to return, but because the dealer took so much of their time to demonstrate to you. 
Manufacturers past their heyday
Avalon used to get a lot of press, and now it is fairly quiet. 
Sound Stage Review Coming on the Vivid Audio Kaya S12's !
I wonder if these could be positioned successfully close to a wall. 
Amplification: what are the biggest advances of the last 40 years?
It would be helpful if people could list examples of the amplifiers with the features they think are such good improvements 
Jolida Foz SS-X Tube buffer & soundstage expander?
Is this available in a balanced configuration? 
What are Your Favorite Tweeters?
Does anyone have experience with ring tweeters?  Can you offer some impressions? 
Speakers for Ayre AX-7e
@dbphd - I imagine that would be a good match.  I also have a pair of LS50's that I run with an Ayre V5xe in my bedroom system.  But for this young man, I think both of those components may be a bit light on bass, which would cause an overall sens... 
Bruce Edgar
So sad to hear of Bruce’s passing. He had a good spirit. He will be missed.  
Inexpensive MM Cartridge
@chakster Yes, I do think there is a difference (~40%).  What I don't know, is what is the effective mass of my S-shaped tonearm on the Pioneer PL-512, which is a from 1978.  Anybody have a clue on this?BTW chakster - I'd appreciate it if you coul... 
Inexpensive MM Cartridge
@chakster :  I am assuming that the AT and the Nagaoka dynamic compliance values are reported for the same frequency.  It's fine if it's 100hz - I said that was a reasonable assumption (though not stated by Nagaoka) in my post.  In any case, I was... 
Inexpensive MM Cartridge
Thanks Elliot for your information. Good to know that an elliptical stylus is more forgiving of setup issues. Although I have the tools and knowledge to properly align the cartridge, this turntable (and many other budget tables) does not have VTA ... 
Inexpensive MM Cartridge
Thanks @rauliruegas   I had reported the compliance in the specs (7.2), but the specs didn't reference the frequency, and I didn't know how to convert a 100hz dynamic compliance to a 10hz value (roughly double, I now read).  Looking forward to the... 
Inexpensive MM Cartridge
This thread has been very helpful, and should be useful to many others in the future.  For me, it was a toss up between the Nagaoka 200 and the AT740 and perhaps the Goldring. Truth be told, I probably could have gone with lower cost models in t... 
Inexpensive MM Cartridge
Update: it's pretty much impossible to find effective mass value for the Pioneer PL-512 S-tube tonearm. The  Nagaoka MP-200 seems to be a low compliance cartridge (though I read that Japanese specs for dynamic compliance are taken at 100hz rather...