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After years of separates, I'm going integrated. Anyone else do the same?
I’m a minimalist at heart so integrateds have always appealed to me.  Right now I’m down to just two boxes.  Matrix element M is my roon streamer and DAC.  This runs into an integrated.  Love the simplicity.    
Advice on New Integrated Amplifier
There's a bryston b100 on here now just over your limit, but you should be able to talk him down he's way high. That amp will be an improvement over the creek IMO and comes with a transferable warranty for like a decade (which you won't likely eve... 
How old are your speakers
My PMC Fact 12s are about 6 months old. 
Review: Dynaudio Contour 3.4 LE Speaker
Great review. I'm a fan of dynaudio as well. I owned the contour S1.4 previously and loved them. One of my favorite speakers. Extremely satisfying to listen to. Congrats on the LEs. : ) 
Dynaudio Stand 6 and Contour 1.4' installation
The stand 6 requires an adapter plate to connect to the s1.4. Dynaudio sells the special adapter plate. Contact a dynaudio dealer or contact dynaudio USA directly. 
Dynaudio Stand 6 and Contour 1.4' installation
NO, do not drill holes into the speaker. That is absolutely NOT necessary. You are simply confused about how the stand works. You have put something together wrong. The Dyn stands are very complex to assemble. You've obviously made a mistake somew... 
$10K budget. Help
Devialet. Great phono and world class amp. 
Mid life crisis yields open check from the wife.
How about a devialet integrated amp? There's a bunch of them on here right now at very good prices and pretty much considered world class by many. 
How an audio rack can enhance your amp/pre
Self delusion is a powerful thing. In this hobby it is so very important to understand that. 
Magico S1 - Dynamics and Amplifier Suggestions
Switch to pass or introduce a tube preamp with vintage mallards. 
La Scala II problem
Dealers provide a service? Good to know.... 
Bang for the buck DAC
Used benchmark DAC1 pre. 
Devialet. Long term satisfaction?
Happy owner still after 6 months. D400 owner. I've owned many high end amps including para sound JCs, Bryston 4bsst2, wyred4sound, Conrad johnson, Cary, and many more. Devialet beats them all and has eliminated my desire to constantly box swap. Ge... 
What do you recommend for a solid state for office
Micromega MyAMP or wyred4sound mInt. 
Preamp for Bryston 4B SST2
I agree, both the bp6 or the bp26 (I've owned both) would give you exactly the transparency and detail you seek, but neither control source via remote. I also agree that the BP6 is virtually indistinguishable from the BP26 for way less money. The ...