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Exposure 2010S bi-amp to ATC 11 Speakers
As I write this I'm listening to ATC SCM 11s powered by Bryston 4B sst2 at 300w/ch. They do not sound dull or boring as a previous poster mentioned. They are awesome. The detail and lack of distortion is astonishing. These are some very special sp... 
Which purchase tipped you into nirvana.
Dynaudio Contour S1.4 
high end speakers? ... not sure what brands/model
Disagree completely with the horn guy. Horns are interesting, but vintage klipsh speakers are far from neutral.Based on your last comment, I'd try Dynaudio. The have rich bass and a smooth treble. 
Exposure 2010Sv NAD 375BEE Worth comparing??
In the words of stereophile's reviewer Sam Tellig "NAD is up there in quality with the best solid state...and performs way, way, out of it's price class." - Oct '09. Review of the C375. You cannot go wrong with the NAD amps. You are getting fantas... 
frequency response - B&W vs. Monitor Audio
The MA BR line is their entry line and IMO inferior to the B&W 685s you arleady own. If you like the MA sound, I would consider the new MA RX2. These have an 8 inch woofer in a bookshelf cabinet and they rock. Really high value for money. Also...