All I Wanted To Do Was Listen To Music

But between power management and room treatments there was no money left to buy gear with. Although, I didn't didn't know my coffee maker could sound so good!


I noticed our whole house humidifier makes great sounds (music?) all day and night. 

tablejockey, maybe you could send one of those fine looking all transistor radios my way, just for the purpose of demonstrating and testing!


I had a Panasonic portable radio that looked remarkably similar except mine was wrapped in leather back in 1965.  It was the introduction to FM radio that got me started on this expensive hobby. 


That exact model was in the garage of my childhood home. My older brother and his friends listened to it while working on his 64 Impala.  

He always had to turn the dial because mom didn't approve of those Beatles and Stones degenerates while she was doing laundry.

Just have your dentist put in some RF sensitive fillings.  You won't need any of that other stuff.  You will have music 24/7 in your head.  

This hobby/interest doesn't have to be expensive.  At least not in the thousands if your listening habits don't demand it.  I don't need or want concert levels in my space.

Lots of options at reasonable prices and compactness too.

I recommend a Keces E40 integrated, suitable for alot of good stuff online with a usb connection (CD quality).  A nice phono stage and two RCA inputs.  Remote included. 

Pick up some good budget speakers, new or used (could get more upscale speakers), can add a dac, turntable, etc.  Don't need much more unless you go bonkers in this hobby and start going down the rabbit hole.  And that alone doesn't guarantee better SQ or pleasure.

BTW, it's a small powerhorse that weighs 10 lbs.


If you DIDN'T DIDN'T  know your coffee maker could sound so good, then you DID know your coffee maker could sound so good.

Double   negative and all you know. Personally, I like the taste of coffee through my Keurig machine, and the sound of my stereo.

mg16 - typo, by the time I realized it, it was to late to change. I like the taste of my music but all I can hear is the sound on my drip coffee maker. Keurig, like most audio gear at this point, is over my budget.

I went for a passive ( gravity powered) drip coffee maker and NEVER looked back!!

I had a great Panasonic combo cassette ,am,fm radio is was made to be used in your car..I work for HL Dalis in LIC, was $150 bucks this was 1970 .I took it to Randall's island and recorded the last days show,VanMorrison,Dr.John,Moutain showed up alot of other groups dropped out ,the unit lasted me until about 2000 when it took like 8 D batteries .

Late 80's I had a Panasonic SG-J555 boombox. Radio, cassette player and 2-speed record player.

It was so cool. You press a button and the TT would slide out.

I made many great mix tapes on that thing. Damn, wish I still had it.

@navyachts While we are pointing out typos, “to” and “too” are not interchangeable.