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Power Conditioner, which of these 4 and why?
If you’re able to step up your game, I highly recommend Gigawatt. I own the new PowerPrime. I just returned from RMAF and noticed many of the high end rooms were running Gigawatt products.  
Good CDTransport (player) without DAC?
I just purchased the Cambridge Audio CXC transport. It’s the cheapest component in my high end 2 channel audio. system. It’s fantastic!  If there was ever, a truly $450.00 “NO-BRAINER”, this is it. I don’t feel as if it’s the wink link in my syste... 
New DAC or New Streamer or New Streamer/DAC
Check out Innous music servers. I’ve heard the 2.5k Zenith. It’s great. Can only imagine the high end Statement sounds like. Great build and sound quality from Poland.   
I lied to my wife about the price of Stax 009S headphone
Of course I lie to my wife. It’s what our “audio relationship” is based on!  
My expert tips on building a sensible world class audio system.
Not the Ford Fiesta? Say, IT ISN'T SO 
Metal cabinet speakers
The audio dealer in my area just got in a new pair of the Steinheim bookshelves. Oh my, sweetheart of a speaker but their also 12k. Ouch 
HELP!!! I need a “GOOD-CHEAP” preamp solution???
@schubert When I called Frank yesterday, he definitely had his stereo volume up and enjoying some type of guitar tune. It’s what you do when it’s -20 out in the dead of winter. I should know, I just moved from Marquette, Mi (I’ve never been happie... 
HELP!!! I need a “GOOD-CHEAP” preamp solution???
@maine95 After seeing all the positive recommendations for Van Alstine, I actually called yesterday and Frank answered all of my questions. We spoke about the T 10 RB pre. It has (2 preouts) that I need. As you mentioned, it can be ordered with th... 
HELP!!! I need a “GOOD-CHEAP” preamp solution???
@yogiboy I’ve talked to Klaus in the past. At times, it seems like he’s got folks waiting for his products? His stuff seems like a “good value” buy? So what’s the story on Van Alstine? I’ve heard a lot of favorable reviews here. Any additional inp... 
HELP!!! I need a “GOOD-CHEAP” preamp solution???
@mesch Thanks for the heads up. I just finished researching Quicksilver Audio. Had never heard of them. What’s wrong with a tube pre x2 12ax7 USA buildt (Stockton, Ca) product? Looks like they’re building a new integrated amp, a phono pre and powe... 
Steamer That Plays and Rips CD's an has Internal Storage
Easy- Innous! There’s the new Zen Mk3 that just came out. It’s 899 pounds or what $1,200 at 1/2 your budget. Check out YouT’s, John Darko new review on it: 
HELP!!! I need a “GOOD-CHEAP” preamp solution???
@andrake I get it. I recently demoed a First Watt F7 for one week in my home system, from my local dealer. The Emotiva is approximately a 28db gain amp vs the F7’s 14db. Class A vs AB. All I can say is WOW. I was impressed. The synergy with the Fi... 
HELP!!! I need a “GOOD-CHEAP” preamp solution???
Wow. Thanks for all the great input! Sounds like the Schiit Freya at 7 bills is a no-brainer. Lots of fans. I was surprised to hear about the step attenuator (relay-volume) can be heard through the speakers when raising the volume? Weird. Ive chec... 
HELP!!! I need a “GOOD-CHEAP” preamp solution???
Sounds like good Schiit! Off the top of my head, Schiit seems to build mostly desktop solutions. Is it fair to say, they’re branching out and into some 2 channel audio products vs the headphone amp/dac components? Also, isn’t there a new turntable... 
Get your First Watt SIT-3 now?
My first post here dseltz. Some First Watt thoughts. I recently got to demo a First Watt F7 for one week in my home system, from my local dealer. I have a pair of Focal 807 V W Prestige bookshelves. The amp it replaced for the week was an Emotiva ...