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Testing for Dirty Electrical Power
For me the best solution was to go with power regeneration.  Nothing like having a very clean AC going to your equipment.   It is like upgrading the power supply on all your components.    
Vandersteen 2CE Signature III — video review on YouTube by Steve Guttenberg (1/15/2023)
Owned the Vandersteen 2CE years ago.  Very good speaker, very good company.    
Using streaming as a main source ---DSD, FLAC, MQA Streamers and DACS
Just a thought.  I suggest a used Lumin U1 Mini with a linear power supply.  Lots of these on the used market.  Along with that you can pick up a used PS Audio MK1 DAC for about $2000-2500.  Use the AES/EBU connection.  Great economical way to get... 
Favourite Guitarists
Jimi and Jeff Beck would certainly be on my list as well as Mateo Mancuso. I know he is very young but incredible talent and technically one of the bright stars on the horizon. Oh and don’t forget Alan Holdsworth-one of my all time favorites. I th... 
Rel makes fabulous subs.  I have a pair of S/5 SHOs and in addition to adding weight and expanding the sound field, they absolutely disappear.  Subs should crossover in the 30 to 40 hz range.  They are subs, not woofers.  Much higher than that and... 
DAC recommendations
I believe the new PS Audio DSD MKII will meet all your criterion.  It is the most natural sounding DAC I have had in my system.  Very natural sounding, large well defined sound stage (side to side and front and back)  that extends quite a bit beyo... 
Cabling Recommendations
Really like the Cardas Clear Reflection.  Nice warm balanced sound.    
Tube preamp options
Cary Audio has some great options.  Really liked my SLP 05.  
Temporary Down Sizing - Integrated Amp Recommendations
Look at a used Bat VK3000 SE.  Very magical sound.    
Best vibration isolation for speakers on carpet?
Get longer spikes. There are several aftermarket spikes that should do the trick. I tried a number of isolation devices and found that spikes were really the way to go for my rig. They brought everything into sharp focus. Check out SoundCity. They... 
Check out the BHK 250.  Great amp for the money, plenty of power, very quiet and nice expansive sound stage.    
Busted! Reviewer copies manufacturers sales page in review?
Interesting, kind of like Big Pharma providing drug data to the FDA which then uses it for drug approval.    
low bass response
The answer to great low bass is a good sub woofer.  When I added a pair of REL subs to my Theil 3.7s, it made a big difference not only in base response but also increasing the sound stage width and depth.  The RELs disappear.  If you didn't see t... 
Why do hipsters prefer analog?
Mostly style and image.  If you look at the gear most of them are using, it is not for great sound quality.    
DAC recommendation in 5 to 10K range
Really happy with my PS Audio Direct Stream DAC.  Regardless, I would get something that had an FPGA so that it is upgradable.