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Responses from mg16

I am Looking for That Elusive 3 Dimensional Room Filling Soundstage
Either single ended triode amps, 300b, 45 tube based, or low powered class A solid state amps. Pass First Watt. They are all low power, so I pair them with mini monitors, with an active tube crossover with subwoofers. Speakers are either ither Pro... 
Maggie owners (past, present, future) what do (did) you love and or dislike about them?
I had mg1.6’s in my 24 by 12 by 8’ room. The room was too small for them. Not to say they sounded bad, but the image was compressed into the center. Bass was not deep, but was ,very full and rounded and quite nice. Harmonic textures of instruments... 
Neil Young’s Lonely Quest to Save Music
Amazing read. Thanks so much for pointing us to that.article. 
What was your first big eye opener with regard to audio?
Finding out how big a difference a preamp can make. Going from the cheesey Dynaco pat-4 in the 1980's, to the Pat-5 bifet was amazing to my ears. Even more so, when I bought a used Dynaco Pas-3 tube preamp with Telefunken 12ax7's off a guy for $75... 
Its my first tube! (Preamp)
If you can find one, a used Audio Research LS-7 is great sounding. Also, tube rolling won't break the bank, as it only uses 2  6922/6dj8 tubes. 1 per channel. I loved mine. As for tubes, it even sounded great with stock Sovteks. I tried Mullards, ... 
'Unlistenable' early digital recordings?
First CD I bought was Rush Power Windows, around 1985, Every track sounded like glass shattering on my M&K sat/sub system.CD's sound so much better now. Still prefer vinyl. 
Am I considered to be a materialistic person?
I don't see the harm in being a little materialistic. Human nature. But, like anything else, it can be carried to extremes. A little of almost anything is fine. If it begins to hurt someone else, or disrupt your life and family, then its starts to... 
Take up drums at age 56?
I have played drums since a teenager. It can be the most relaxing therapuetical thing you can do. Relieve frustration. Give a sense of musical accomplishment. It just feels good to hear that tribal rythym of the toms, bass and snare. Buy a set by ... 
Your favourite Rush albums?
Live lp from 76. All The Worlds A Stage.Fantastic drum solo by the "Professor on the Drum Kit"Neil Peart.Every song on double LP a gem. 
***Is It Me Or Have Todays Modern Tubes Gotten REALLY REALLY Good***
I really like the Genelex Gold Lion reissues for power tubes. Also, the Mullard reissue for small signal tubes. 
What is an Audiophile? Here's the list for newbies.
An audiophile is someone who, when they are not listening to music through their system, is thinking about listening to music through their system. 
The Audio Gods are tough but fair-Have you had the "Curse of the 300B" ?
I get very satisfactory sound levels with my 300b monoblocks driving Proac 1SC, (86 dB./1W/1M),  by biamping below 70 hz. To a pair of servo subs. Marchand 4th order passive xovers, drive a pair of Yamaha servo subs .300B is addicting to listen to... 
I’m gob smacked. What were you’re aha moments?
1980's. Infinity QA speakers with emit ribbon tweeters. Playing Pink Floyd The Wall  LP, on a Rabco st-7 turntable, yamaha "natural sound" receiver switch set to class A.  I got up out of my chair to look out my window to see who's kids were laugh... 
Shipping speakers
I shipped an item from a UPS terminal in New Stanton, Pa. Near my home. maybe 10-12 years ago. It arrived at the buyers home in Ohio, looking like it was tossed off the top of the building. A Nakamichi cassette deck with a smashed in corner.It was... 
What area or country do you live in ?
Freezin up here in SW Pa. , close to Pittsburgh.