After a (weeks) worth of listening...

What lp would you recommend the most to other members here?

I belong to several music threads and have gained much knowledge and have just as much to share..

Here is a chance to post what you've imagined is your (one) most enjoyable moment/lp of the past week of listening.

Having to choose, right now, and getting this thread started, I'd choose..

Gary Wright "The Dream Weaver"


I haven't heard Dream Weaver in many years. Just saw your post before headed to the record store. Found a nice looking copy of the LP for $3.99. Bought it on your recommendation.

It better be good............. :~)

BTW,  I picked up a nice looking copy of Gerry Refferty's - City to City ("Baker Street") and Springsteen's -Tunnel of Love for $3.99 and $4.99 while I was at it. I'm hoping they sound as good as they look.....

Happy Weekend!

OK, you're off the hook. "The Dream Weaver" is excellent! The SQ is very good. It's from my teen years and was very popular at that time. Brings back some good memories........

Axiom Funk  Funkcronomicon I don't think its available on Vinyl but Cd and DL, 2 CD comp. very well recorded and fantastic comp of the 70's funk era released in 95 though (best version of; if 6 was 9 I've heard yet).

Marianne Faithfull Blazing Away, live album wonderful live album with some stellar performers the bands actual worth the perches. I have it on CD but I believe there is a vinyl version as well either way a good listen.

Tidal has both as well.

John Abercrombie- Up and Coming

Took me a couple listens this week to really get into it. First pass or two was just ok, I heard pleasant relaxing music of a high order but it's over all relaxed vibe belies some very fine moments and chemistry between musicians that for me took repeated listens to sink in and I don't believe this record is done with me yet still. I don't think I listened to anything else for a couple days. 


John Abercrombie's - "Timeless" is one of my ALL TIME favorite instrumental songs. I bought the vinyl way back in the mid-70's and I've listened to it regularly since. The album - Timeless features John Abercrombie, Jan Hammer and Jack De Johanette. It's a great album, but the title track is "Timeless"........
I'm going with Jeff Beck, "Loud Hailer". I'm really liking this post punk, industrial, funk, blues, grunge sound. There is nothing natural about the timbres but the "in the can" sound, effects and over driven sound is working for me. Being all new music is nice, too.

i really stuck with you point about the last few weeks. Whether I feel the same in a month is another matter only time will tell.

Not an LP but an EP, Belgrade - Fancy Couch

Last week it was The Wooden Birds - Two Matchsticks

I love Jeff Beck's "Loud Hailer". I've had it for about 6 months and it's still working for me. For me, it was the best rock record of 2016 and should have been nominated for a grammy. It's rock, it sounds great, it sound contemporary (especially considering JB is over 70 years old) and it was a political record in a political year. What more could anyone ask for? And I love the way it is recorded. I think I'll put it on now......
BTW slaw and All, the reason I haven't offered up my pick is because I was on vacation last week and then had my system torn apart. Just got the TT back in the system today, so haven't listened all week. Maybe I'll jump in next week with a pick.
CTA - I'm a Man -Terry Kath and Danny Seraphine on percussion. It never ever fails me.
@reubent thanks for the heads up, with a title like timeless I can imagine where he goes. It's on the list. The one that hooked me onto John was called The Plot. His guitar playing on it is so unique in my experience. It swings, but it's free, ethereal and still in the pocket, not your standard rock noodle or typical jazz guitar solo kinda stuff 

I can can't say that I agree with the bumper sticker, progressive sloganeering within some of Rosie Bones' lyrics but I like her delivery and feeling. It's not that I lean right, I don't. But she doesn't, one time, mention any of the corrupt left leaning politicians or news organizations and, man, there are just as many on the left to blame, as on the right. I find her political perspective more political cheer leading than objectivity.

Regardless, I'm liking the album. That says a lot, imo.


I wasn't siding with the political bend of "Loud Hailer". Just saying' it was a political record in a political year. That alone should have gotten it grammy attention. Then add the excellent guitar work, raw singing and interesting production, and it should have gotten more recognition. I really like the record. Thanks for the nomination......

Happy Listening!
I didn't take it that way but you are right!  You would have thought the academy would have jumped on it.


Thanks... I was sweating bullets for a while.. ha ha! It was really a "no brainer". I was reading the lp cover, Ronnie Montrose played on one song!!! David Foster contributed as well. Forgot about that.
next week my answer will be Dylan's new discs, especially September of My Years.

I've been revisiting PARLIAMENT – MOTHERSHIP CONNECTION this past week, great album.

I love "Pushin' Against a Stone"! Thanks for the reminder of her new lp!


For some reason I've not auditioned this one yet, but I will! Thanks.

(I'm putting together my list now, hope you all are?  So much music, so little time, as they say.)
Here's my initial recommendation. For any died -in-the-wool classic rock fans, I'll ask for some leeway? There will be plenty to come. Let's have an eclectic palate here?

The Hooters "Nervous Night". This was the band for Cindy Lauper's "She's So Unusual". Early eighties. Here are some superbly crafted songs for that period in time that still hold up today.

SLAW...the Hooters were my absolute favorite band for a few years in the 80's. Great musicians and decent recordings.

The new SPOON is on my system this week :-)


I perceive any positive comment as a step in the right direction! Thanks.

Look forward to your Spoon impressions.
Once I started to really think about my top pick, I knew what it would be. I still wanted to listen through several that I felt would be contenders.

It finally came down to two lps.

Blue Oyster Cult "Fire of Unknown Origin". IMO, a great lp from start to finish. My copy has a bar code, (1981) so I’m going to look for an original pressing?

Top pick:

Red Rider "Neruda". If you are like my past when I loved an lp and it had just one tick or pop, I’d buy another copy just in case... "Neruda" passed that test. It never fails to provide listening pleasure on each listen. When I remember I haven’t heard it for a while, a big smile comes on my face as I put it on the tt, cause’ I know I’m in for a treat. I can think of no other artist/lp that seems to borrow on this music. It really is an original. Highly recommended!
Lenny White "Venusian Summer"  &  the FireMerchants  are always ready for a spin

Tried to audition on Amazon, could not. Thanks for the recommendation!

I already have my (next weeks) picks in mind..
Roxy54! Level 42? Are you kidding me? I didn't know they did anything after World Machine, which I love.

My contribution is Long John Baldry, self titled on Epic. The one with Morning Dew.

This week I have been on a roll with 2 primary albums  infused with many random picks.

Robin Trower  - Bridge of Sighs

Dire Straits  - Self titled.

Who knows what next week will bring?


Thank you for contributing! Never heard of LJB until now. Sounds a lot like John Hiatt! And that's a "good thing"!


I did want to say, thanks for all who have posted. It's coming along very nicely!
just removed my cc info.

sorry this happened in the midst of this involving thread!
(I sent an email to the (powers that be) two weeks ago about some visual issues on my end. NEVER heard back on a fix!)


Al Stewart was an exceptional artist who's musical (CHART LIFE) was too short!

One more, Marty Stuart's new disc, Way Out West.  Simply a beautiful piece of music in many ways.  
This week I enjoyed my Analog Spark pressing of Soup by Blind Melon on more than one occasion. A great recording and saddens me that this was a band thats sophmore outing was better than its debut and the follow up Nico was even better.  I wonder where this band would have gone if Shannon Hoon hadnt died..


Thanks for reminding me about  Year of the Cat. Man, I haven't played that in decades. I think I'll give it a spin tonight.


Glad you liked LBJ. You don't hear about him much anymore, but he was a big deal back in the day. Too bad most of his most raw blues is not available anymore. (as far as I know.)

Monty Python payed him tribute that is alluded to in this Youtube:

I really didn't listen to too much for pleasure alone last week. I was doing a lot of washing and playing what I washed. The best of that was Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, This Time it's For Real. I love the track When You Dance!
I picked up a CD with both of those Al Stewart albums on it. After listening, I realize what a great talent he was. Frankly, I was marveling at his writing and the musicianship of his group. I enjoy listening often, but beware, those songs might get stuck in your head for days.
I can already tell this is going to be a week of multiple listens to Pete Townshend's - White City. What an album. I've been listening to it off/on since 1985. This week in ON........

If you are at all interested in Pete Townshend, go out to YouTube and watch the short movie - White City. Love it! Wish there were a high quality video version of it available. I bought an original VHS copy and the picture quality is horrible.
Santana "3"?.... the one with the human object floating through space.

They were on fire!!!!!